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SFS Minutes 383:      Stop Comparing

We all hate that and there are things you can do to be more honest. We talked about figuring out why you are a liar and making changes there an anticipated behaviors that will drive you to a lie accept the consequences in just learn to do it a little less yesterday we suggested avoiding friends that make you keep secrets. To know my final advice, Listen now!

SFS Minutes 382:      No One’s Secrets but Your Own

Almost everyone, at some point, or another tells a lie and they feel horrible about it this week. We’re talking about the ways to lie less, we’ve already talked about anticipating behaviors that bring it upon figuring out how and why you lie and trying to solve it that way and also living up to the consequences are all great. Wants to decrease the amount that you lie? In just a second, I’ll share one more piece.

SFS Minutes 381:      Accept the Consequences

This week we are talking about ways to stop lying as much. We’ve already talked about dealing with your guilt and figuring out why you are a liar today. I want to give you one more piece of advice that hopefully makes you a little bit more honest. Listen now! I’ll give you another piece of advice.

SFS Minutes 380:      Guilty Lies

Nothing can destroy a relationship or a marriage or a job more than lying. It’s one of the worst things that any of us can do all this week. We’re talking about ways to lie less, and to be more honest yesterday. We discussed why you lie and figuring that out so that you can do it less. Listen now! I’ll give you another piece of advice.

SFS Minutes 379:      Why You Lie

I’m a Southerner! Southerners love to tell big stories, the bigger, the story, the better and if the story is better if you exaggerate the details a little bit, well that’s okay. Is it just a story or is it lying? So many people lie. We have to work on this all week. I will be talking about ways to stop lying before it happens. So you can be a more honest person. Listen now! I’ll give you my first piece of advice.

SFS Minute 378:      Talk about the Person’s Interests

It is very possible to become more interested in becoming the person at the party that everyone wants to talk to, it is an achievable goal. We have talked about the ways to do that by finding your passion and becoming a better listener, expanding your comfort zone. All of these things will make you more interesting today. I want to share my final piece of advice on becoming more interesting. Listen now!

SFS Minute 377:      Passion!

You! Yes, you! Even you can become a more interesting person. That is right! Becoming interesting is an achievable goal we have been talking about all week, we have suggested that you need to read more, expand your comfort zone, be curious, and be a better listener. All of these things will make you more interesting today. I will share another great piece of advice. Listen now!

SFS Minute 376:      Read

No matter what you’re doing, dating or trying to get a promotion or just trying to impress the kids. Everyone wants to be more interesting and it is a very achievable goal. We’ve already talked this week about becoming more curious and a better listener and expanding your comfort zone. I’ll share today’s advice on becoming a more interesting person. Listen Now!

SFS Minute 375:      Comfort Zone

We all wish we were more interesting and it’s a goal that you can easily achieve yesterday. We talked about being more curious and being a better listener and how that will make you more interesting, I’ll share another tip with you. Listen Now!

SFS Minute 374:      Be Curious and Listen

Everyone wants to be interesting, we want to hang out and be around people, that are funny. Interesting, have a point of view. So the question is, can we become more interesting? Can we change over the next year or so, and become more interesting people, I say the answer is yes, I’ll show you one way to do that. Listen now!

SFS Minute 373:      Focus on Good Outcome

When faced with challenges and setbacks, and life seems to be testing you, here’s a crucial piece of advice to turn things around—listen closely now!

SFS Minute 372:      Start Small

Sometimes, when you get down, when things aren’t going your way, iy can be so hard to self-motivate. I know, I have been there, I’ve experienced it. I know what it’s like today. I’ll give you some advice on how to get going, how to get motivated. I’ll share the 4th tip. Listen Now!

SFS Minute 371:      Get support

If you are lost and just can’t seem to get going, we are trying to help you this week. We’ve talked about the first step which is having one goal, second – yesterday we talked about telling somebody today I will share that the third is getting motivated and getting you off the sofa so that you can finally go out there and have a happy life. I’ll share today’s tip. Listen now!

SFS Minute 370:      Commit publicly

When you can’t get off the sofa and you can’t get up. You can’t find the drive to move forward yesterday. I’ll share with you today’s advice. Listen now!

SFS Minute 369:      One Goal

This week, we’re going to tackle a very difficult topic, how to get off your sofa. When you are not motivated when things are going bad, and it’s hard, you’re really down on how to rebound, regroup, and get going again. I’ll give you my first tip on how to get off your Sofa. Listen now!

SFS Minute 368:      Whatever

I’m going to be honest with you today, I’m going to share a technique on how to be funnier that I just don’t really love. All week we’ve been talking about just that how to be funnier. It can be taught and I’ve given some advice on what to do to play around with numbers and breaking patterns. That people are going to suspect are already there. Things like that today, though. I’m going to give our final bit of advice, and again, I just don’t love it. Listen now!

SFS Minute 367:      Play with Data

Everyone wants to be funnier and can think of some part of their life that would be better if they were funnier. Maybe they would get more promotions or better dates or whatever, but everyone wants to be funny or can learn how to do it. We talked yesterday about how you can copy life. Life is pretty funny itself and do observational humor, and tell stories. It’s a lot easer than telling a joke. To learn more, listen to this.

SFS Minute 366:      Use real-life stories

Everyone wants to be funny, we love funny people. Well, the good news is, it’s a skill. Just like a lot of other things you can teach yourself to be funnier. It is something that you can choose to work on this week. I’ll give you a third tip on how to be funny in just a second.

SFS Minute 365:      Rule of 3

We are talking about becoming funnier and learning to become funny, It’s a skill, just like anything, like learning French. You have to practice take lessons, and perhaps even read a book or two about how to do it, but you can become funnier than yesterday. We talked about using surprise as a technique. I’ll share another technique in just a second.

SFS Minute 364:      Surprise and Shock

Everyone loves funny people and everyone wants to be funnier. It’s great for your personal relationships for dating and at work, it can even be a profession, you can become famous. It’s a skill, just like anything else this week, we will spend time talking about five ways that you can become funnier. You can teach yourself to do this. I’ll share the first tip after this.

SFS Minutes 363:      Listen!

I will talk about how listening can help build your self-confidence in just a second…

SFS Minutes 362:      Small Things Build Confidence

I wanto share my favorite way to increase your self-confidence, and it involves a Rubik’s Cube.

SFS Minutes 361:      Preparing Builds Confidence

Today, we’re going to talk about how preparation can also increase your confidence in just a second..

SFS Minutes 360:      Exercise to Confidence

Today, I will talk about how exercise can help your confidence. To know why, listen to this.

SFS Minutes 359:      Its Ok to be Wrong

All this week, we are talking about ways to become more confident. It turns out that your confidence is directly related to how willing you are to admit when you are wrong. To know more, listen to this.

SFS Minute 358:      Day Tight Compartments

Dale Carnegie had one more principle that I wanted to share with you this week. It’s called the idea of day tight compartments. I’ll explain it and how it will decrease your worrying. Listen Now!

SFS Minute 357:      Win Every Argument

Dale Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends and Influence People has a chapter on how yo win arguments. Well, I want to win all of mu arguments. I love to argue so I flipped to that chapter and I learned what he had to say. I’ll share Dale’s advice on how to win every argument, Listen now!

SFS Minute 356:      Smile, their Name, and Listen!

Dale Carnegie is the Father of the Self-Help industry. His first book how to win friends and influence. People continue to be mega best sellers. Three pieces of advice really stick out to me from that book. I’ll share those with you, Listen more!!

SFS Minute 355:      Keep Busy to Not Worry

I took a Dale Carnegie class right before the Christmas holidays and was blown away by how much I learned. It was absolutely fantastic. One of the things they talk about is learning how to not worry so much. I’ll tell you Dale Carnegie’s great advice on that.

SFS Minute 354:      Dale Carnegie on Insomnia

The largest section of the bookstore is usually this self-help section and there’s a reason it sells the most books, the father of the entire section of the industry is Dale Carnegie for over a hundred years, his books and his classes have sold tens of millions of copies and have changed thousands, millions of lives. He had a great bit of advice on insomnia.

SFS Minutes 353:      New Coke and Disney Trademarks? Could Disney have learned something from New Coke?

Last week, the steamboat Willie version of Mickey Mouse became open property. Anyone can use it. Now the trademark for Disney has expired after 95 years and Mickey Mouse is now common property. I’ll tell you how a different American company solved the exact problem. Listen now to know more!

SFS Minutes 352:      Crystal Pepsi – Corporate Failings

This week I have been talking about big corporate failures of products that were very hyoed or maybe even overpromoted. Today I want to talk about what we as small guys, and entrepreneurs need to do differently to make it work and I’ll tell you the story of Crystal Pepsi. Listen Now!

SFS Minutes 351:      Even Google Can Fail – You Can Too

One of the great things about America is that failure is okay. You can recover from failure, we even have terms, like fail fast and fail forward. The idead That failure helps make you better and that you’re more likely to succeed afterwards and even big companies with all of the genuises they have can fail too. I’ll talk about the failure of Google+, Listen now to know more.

SFS Minutes 350:      Segway – I wanted one!

Starting something new is scary and frequently leads to failure, but failure is okay. You can recover form it. In America, you get to try again. That’s one of the things that is so great about our country all week, I am sharing examples of a few corporate failures so we can laugh a little bit at them realize that you’re smather than those guys and maybe help you get off the sofa and go get started. I’ll tell you a story.

SFS Minutes 349:      Juicero – Required Device Not Needed

New things can be very scary. A new year, New Year’s resolutions, a new business, a new semester all this week. I want to share new ideas that flopped to show you that it’s okay to try something. That New that failing isn’t so bad. As a matter of fact, as we will see, it can be one of the best things that happens to you. Today, I’ll share a story about a company called Juicero how they burned through 120 millin dollars. Listen now to learn more!

SFS Minute 348:      Keep Working

Tip #5, This is a year-long goal, not a one-week or one-month goal if you backtrack a little bit, that’s okay. Just keep working.

SFS Minute 347:      Get Support

Tip #4, Have a team built around. You tell people that this is your resolution and that is your goal. To know more, listen to this.

SFS Minute 346:      Start With Small Steps

Tip #3, Start with Baby Steps. To know why, listen to this.

SFS Minute 345:      Choose a Specific Goal

Tip #2, when you are making your one resolution, choose a very specific goal. To know why, listen to this.

SFS Minute 344:      Limit Your Resolutions

Happy New Year! I will be sharing tips that make your New Year’s resolutions process more successful.

My first tip for success with your New Year’s resolutions is to limit them. To know why, listen to this.

SFS Minutes 343:      Hershey’s Kisses Christmas Commercial

Wishing you a joyous Christmas! Tune in to the excitement of two thrilling countdowns: ‘The Best Commercials of All Time’ and, as a delightful bonus, ‘The Top 5 Christmas Movies of All Time.

SFS Minutes 342:      M&M’s Meet Santa Claus

Wishing you a joyous Christmas! Tune in to the excitement of two thrilling countdowns: ‘The Best Commercials of All Time’ and, as a delightful bonus, ‘The Top 5 Christmas Movies of All Time.

SFS Minutes 341:      Coca Cola Christmas Commercial: Polar Bears and Penguins

Wishing you a joyous Christmas! Tune in to the excitement of two thrilling countdowns: ‘The Best Commercials of All Time’ and, as a delightful bonus, ‘The Top 5 Christmas Movies of All Time.

SFS Minutes 340:      Campbell’s Melting Snowman

Wishing you a joyous Christmas! Tune in to the excitement of two thrilling countdowns: ‘The Best Commercials of All Time’ and, as a delightful bonus, ‘The Top 5 Christmas Movies of All Time.

SFS Minutes 339:      Coca Cola Christmas Commercial – “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony…”

Wishing you a joyous Christmas! Tune in to the excitement of two thrilling countdowns: ‘The Best Commercials of All Time’ and, as a delightful bonus, ‘The Top 5 Christmas Movies of All Time.

SFS Minute 338:      Sales First

Anthony Hughes, from Tech Elevator, provides insight into the entrepreneurial landscape, cautioning against a disproportionate emphasis on fundraising over sales and revenue generation.

SFS Minute 337:      Riches in the Niches

Chad Price, the founder of Kettlebell Kings, explores the concept of “riches in the niches,” emphasizing the wealth of opportunities that lie within specialized and focused markets

SFS Minute 336:      80% No is Great!

Jason Keck, the visionary mind behind Broker Buddha, illuminates the entrepreneurial mindset by emphasizing that achieving success often means navigating through a majority of rejections – if only 80% are saying no, consider it a significant accomplishment!

SFS Minute 335:      Limited Resources

Assil Dayri, a distinguished serial entrepreneur with a notable presence in both Dubai and London, imparts invaluable insights on initiating ventures and effectively mitigating risks.

SFS Minute 334:      Be More Creative

Renowned creativity expert Robin Landa outlines an innovative exercise designed to enhance your creative prowess.

image (61)

SFS Minute 333:      Woody Harrelson Selling Air

From Hollywood to headspace: Woody Harrelson’s venture into an oxygen bar seemed like a breath of fresh air, but mismanagement led to a financial nosedive. Take a deep breath as we delve into the rise, fall, and the crucial lesson that even fresh ideas need sound management to thrive. In the business world, every breath counts.

SFS Minute 332:      XFL and Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon, mastermind of WWE, ventured into football with the XFL, armed with money, marketing, and connections. Yet, even for the man who knows how to sell sports, the gridiron proved tough. Join us in exploring the story of resilience, risks, and the surprising setbacks faced by even the most successful entrepreneurs. Because in the game of business, everyone faces unexpected plot twists.

SFS Minute 331: Hulk Hogan and Pasta

Even Hulk Hogan faced a business slam! When his Pasta Mania restaurant folded in under a year, it was a reminder that success isn’t always as predictable as a wrestling match. Join us in celebrating the resilience of icons who’ve tasted defeat in the business arena, proving that every venture is a journey with its twists and turns.

SFS Minute 330:      Curt Schilling Video Game Collapse

From World Series glory to game studio woes: Curt Schilling’s journey proves even legends face challenges in business. Join us as we unravel the tale of resilience, risks, and the untold reality that success isn’t always a straight pitch. Because in the game of life and business, everyone faces curveballs.

SFS Minute 329:      Nicky Hilton Hotel Failure

From opulence to bankruptcy: Nikki Hilton’s glamorous South Beach hotel, ‘The Nikki,’ a $60 million lesson in the harsh realities of the hospitality business. Discover the untold story of dreams, dollars, and the high-stakes world of luxury hotels.

SFS Minute 328:      Charlie Munger on Crypto

“I’m proud of the fact that I avoided it. It’s like some venereal disease. I just regard it as beneath contempt. Some people think it’s modernity, and they welcome a currency that’s so useful in extortions and kidnappings [and] tax evasion.” — 2022 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

SFS Minute 327:      Charlie Munger on Investing

“I find it much easier to find four or five investments where I have a pretty reasonable chance of being right that they’re way above average. I think it’s much easier to find five than it is to find 100. I think the people who argue for all this diversification — by the way, I call it ‘deworsification’ — are wrong. I’m way more comfortable owning two or three stocks which I think I know something about and where I think I have an advantage.” — 2021 Daily Journal Annual Meeting

“I have a friend who’s a fisherman. He says, ‘I have a simple rule for success in fishing. Fish where the fish are.’ You want to fish where the bargains are. That simple. If the fishing is really lousy where you are you should probably look for another place to fish.”— 2020 Daily Journal Annual Meeting

SFS Minute 326:      Charlie Munger on the Stock Market

“I think value investors are going to have a harder time now that there’s so many of them competing for a diminished bunch of opportunities. So my advice to value investors is to get used to making less.” — 2023 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

“I wish everything else in America was working as well as Costco does. Think what a blessing that would be for us all.” — 2022 Daily Journal Annual Meeting

SFS Minute 325:      Charlie Munger on Learning

“Without the method of learning, you’re like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. It’s just not going to work very well.” — 2021 Daily Journal Annual Meeting

“I constantly see people rise in life who are not the smartest, sometimes not even the most diligent, but they are learning machines. They go to bed every night a little wiser than when they got up and boy does that help — particularly when you have a long run ahead of you.” — 2007 USC Law School Commencement Address

SFS Minute 324:      Charlie Munger on Life

“Another thing, of course, is life will have terrible blows, horrible blows, unfair blows. Doesn’t matter. And some people recover and others don’t. Every mischance in life is an opportunity to behave well. Every mischance in life is an opportunity to learn something and your duty is not to be submerged in self-pity, but to utilize the terrible blow in a constructive fashion.”

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SFS Minute 323:      My Shark Tank Story

I want to address the rumors that I appeared on Shark Tank. Tune in now to get the definitive answer!

image (55)

SFS Minute 322:      Shark Tank – Bombas Socks

One of my Loyal listeners suggested talking about Shark Tank stories! Know the most successful deal of Shark Tank.

image (54)

SFS Minute 321:      Shark Tank – EverlyWell

One of my Loyal listeners suggested to talk about Shark Tank stories! Know the 2nd most successful deal of Shark Tank.

SFS Minute 320:      Shark Tank – Scrub Daddy

One of my Loyal listeners suggested talking about Shark Tank stories! This deal is one of the most profitable deals of Shark Tank history. setting a new standard for profitability on the show

SFS Minute 319:      Shark Tank – The Bouqs Co.

One of my Loyal listeners suggested to talk about Shark Tank stories! Join me as we explore the third most remarkable deal ever struck on the show

SFS Minute 318:      Fun Parts

To wrap up the week, I’m excited to express gratitude as an entrepreneur and highlight some lighthearted aspects that may seem a bit whimsical.

SFS Minute 317:      Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving!! I am thankful for you…..

SFS Minute 316:      Basket of Gifts

Everyone has given a basket of skills at Birth. It’s best to use those gifts.

SFS Minute 315:      No -ism’s

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses are fighting against “ISM’S”. Listen to learn more!!

SFS Minute 314:      Build to Last

Build something that lasts longer than you, perhaps greater than you.

SFS Minute 313:      Touch

The Love Language of Touch discussed…..

SFS Minute 312:      Acts of Service

The Love Language of Acts of Service discussed…..

SFS Minute 311:      Gifts

The Love Language of Gifts discussed…..

SFS Minute 310:      Quality Time

The Love Language of Quality Time discussed.

SFS Minute 309:      Words of Affirmation

The Love Language of Words of Affirmation discussed…..

SFS Minute 308:      AI Quest

You embark on an interactive text-based adventure. After telling ChatGPT that you want to play AI Quest, you’re asked to choose a name and age range. Next, select the subject for your adventure, such as space exploration, mystery thriller, romantic drama, or wild west. Choose a style, including horror, humor, Tim Burton style, or Tarantino style. The story kicks off with descriptions of the scenario. At each point, you’re asked to enter the choice you wish to make to direct the action and plot.

SFS Minute 307:      Music

Most AI chatbots can generate a song based on your description, but the Music plugin lets you actually hear the song that’s created. Like Google’s MusicLM AI, you can tell ChatGPT what type of song you need and what subject you want it to include. In response, the lyrics to the song appear on the screen along with a link to a web page where you can listen to the song.

SFS Minute 306:      Podcast Search

With several million podcasts collectively available through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other platforms, finding a specific podcast can be challenging. With Podcast Search, you’re able to zero in on interesting and informative podcasts based on the topics you like. Just tell ChatGPT what types of podcasts you want. In response, it will generate a list of podcasts and links to their websites or podcast platforms.

SFS Minute 305:      What to Watch With

All the video streaming options and cable channels available, it can be difficult to know where your favorite TV shows and movies are located. The plugin for What to Watch aims to steer you in the right direction. Tell ChatGPT what you’d like to watch and name your country. In response, the AI will generate a list of sites where you can stream, download, or buy the title you want along with links to access the show or film.

SFS Minute 304:      A Review Summary

You’re looking for a certain product on Amazon and would like to learn what other buyers think of it. Instead of scouring every customer review, use A Review Summary. With this plugin enabled, tell ChatGPT what item you’re seeking on Amazon, and it will serve up a few notable reviews with a rating, a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the product, and overall recommendations.

SFS Minute 303:      Use of renewable energy

Fossil fuels, which have a major impact on the Earth’s climate, have dominated the energy mix of most countries for decades. They are responsible for the vast majority of greenhouse emissions and cause significant air pollution, affecting human health.

To reduce the world’s carbon footprint, a significant turn toward renewable energy will be necessary. In 2019, nearly 8,000 terawatt-hours, or roughly 11% of global energy use, came from renewable technology, which includes hydropower, solar power, wind power, geothermal wave power, tidal power and modern biofuel. In 1965, in contrast, global production of renewable energy was only 941 terawatt-hours.

SFS Minute 302:      Internet access

The share of the population that is accessing the Internet is increasing, including in the developing world. More than two-thirds of the population of wealthier countries is online. Around half of the world’s population is not yet online, which means the collective power of the Internet will likely increase in the years ahead.

SFS Minute 301:      Moore’s Law

More than half a century ago, Gordon Moore proposed a theory that would radically change our conception of technology.

The power of microchips running our computers, he predicted, would double every two years, while their cost would remain about the same. He predicted the invention of home computers, cellphones, self-driving cars, and smartwatches – all of which would become less expensive over time.

SFS Minute 300:      Literacy is increasing

In 1800, the global literacy rate for people 15 years and older was 12.05%, while in 2016, 86% of those in this age bracket were literate. There are still inequalities, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, specifically Burkina Faso, Niger and South Sudan, where literary rates are below 30%. But this historic change should not be underestimated.

SFS Minute 299:      Students Are Staying In School Longer

The trend in average years of schooling across 111 countries is impressive. In 1870, the average for the vast majority of countries was less than a year. Today, it is over 12 years of schooling for the wealthy industrialized countries, and in places like Kenya and India, 6.5 years.

SFS Minute 298:      Death in childbirth is declining

For almost all of human history, pregnancy and childbirth were dangerous, and mothers and children faced a significant chance of death. But that number has come down precipitously in the last few centuries and significantly in the last 20 years.

In 2000, there were 450,800 maternal deaths worldwide (with a population of just over six billion), versus 293,760 in 2020 (with a population of nearly eight billion).

To put this in perspective, in 1800 in Sweden and Finland, around 900 of every 100,000 mothers died in childbirth; in today’s numbers, that would be 1.26 million of the eight billion people on the planet.

SFS Minute 297:      Child mortality is down

We are now experiencing the world’s lowest child mortality rate – defined as the share of newborns who die before the age of five – in the history of humanity. In the last three decades alone, the number has been halved, from 12.5 million in 1990, to 5.2 million in 2019. In two of the world’s most populous countries, the decline is even more staggering: In 1969, China’s child mortality rate was 11.84%, and in 2020, 0.73%; while in India, the rate in 1960 was 24.26%, compared to 3.26% in 2020.

SFS Minute 296:      Life expectancy is rising

In 1800, worldwide life expectancy was 28.5 years. By 2021, that number had risen to 72.6 years, and in the world’s richest countries, to well over 80 years. The gap between the lifespans of the richest and poorest countries continues to be closed, including, notably, in Africa and Asia.

SFS Minute 295:      Hunger is diminishing

Currently, 663 million people – 8.9% of the world’s population – are undernourished. In 2001, that number was 13.2%. Unfortunately, we lack long-term historical data on hunger and malnourishment. The most concrete measurements began in 1990, and some go back as far as 1970. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations says that in 1970, nearly 35% of the developing world was undernourished. Today’s figures show a clear downward trend.

SFS Minute 294:      Extreme poverty is declining

The last three decades have seen a huge decline in the number of people living on $1.90 a day. In 1990, two billion of the 5.28 billion people in the world, or nearly 38%, were below the extreme poverty line. By 2019, that number had shrunk to 648 million out of 7.68 billion, approximately 8.4% of the world’s population.

SFS Minute 293:      DALL-E and From Numbers to Names

a site can upload photos and scan through half a million pictures to find other pictures of their loved ones. It’s a task that otherwise would take a gargantuan number of hours.

SFS Minute 292:      Dictate my entire article…..

Then I’ll have ChatGPT basically correct any spelling and grammar. Something that was taking like a full day to do, I can now do in an hour and a half.

SFS Minute 291:      Instead of picking through Google Scholar….

…….use an A.I. tool called Elicit to ask questions of a paper itself.

SFS Minute 290:      Create an app when you’ve never coded before

Make a button on my computer that will automatically summarize a document.

SFS Minute 289:      Unique Meal Planning

Create a Gluten-free meal plan, budget-friendly and also kid-friendly for kids who are picky eaters, avoid peanuts…..

SFS Minute 288:      Quit!

Are you going to believe that the number 1 to impress you Boss is to quit? Listen to this SFS Minute now to learn more!

SFS Minute 287:      Volunteer!

Do you bring the WOW into the workplace? Listen to this SFS Minute now to learn more!

SFS Minute 286:      Can Do!

Do you have what it takes in the workplace? Can you do it? Listen to this SFS Minute now to learn more!

SFS Minute 285:      Positive!

Are you a positive person in the workplace? Listen to this SFS Minute now to learn more!

SFS Minute 284:      Praise!

Want to impress your Boss in the workplace? Listen to this SFS Minute now!

SFS Minute 283:      Tammy Myers

Wanted to know the Myers Method? Listen to this SFS Minute now!

SFS Minute 282:      Timothy Shaffer

Discover inspiration in Timothy Shaffer’s remarkable journey within the tire industry. Uncover the insights that can fuel your own success story.

SFS Minute 281:      Chiquita Hall-Jackson

Chiquita Hall-Jackson not only practise what she loves, but she’s the Boss.

SFS Minute 280:      Trilliam Jeong

From Crowdfounding to Fintech. Listen to the success of Trilliam Jeong.

SFS Minute 279:      Myles Sherman

If you want to succeed in Business, copy what Myles Sherman did. Tune in to the SFS Minute to discover how you can achieve your goals in the world of business.

SFS Minute 278:      Got Money?

The number 1 unexpected way to get rich…..

SFS Minute 277:      Millionaire Cars

Guess the group of Americans that I’m thinking of. Unlock the answer by tuning in to this SFS Minute!

SFS Minute 276:      Rethinking Passion

We often hear phrases like ‘There’s nothing more important than passion!’ and ‘You have to love what you’re doing!’ when it comes to entrepreneurs. Tune in to this SFS Minute to discover my surprising perspective on this topic.

SFS Minute 275:      Rethinking Risk

Do serial entrepreneurs love to take risk? Curious? Tune in to this SFS Minute for insights!

SFS Minute 274:      Rethinking Creativity

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be creative, right? Wrong! Tune in to this SFS Minute for the precise answer!

SFS Minute 273:      Swipe Right for a Marketing Agency

A new website,, solves the SEO problem. Listen now to learn more!

SFS Minute 272:      Borrow from Yourself

Want to save a lot of money?…the idea is pretty simple, listen now to this SFS Minute to know the answer!

SFS Minute 271:      AI for Editing

AI to combine digital music with traditional radio segments so that it sounds local.

SFS Minute 270:      AI for Parenting

AI answers to parenting questions, combining technology and real-world advice.

SFS Minute 269:      Cow Gas!

Cow burps and Cow flatulence are a large part of global warming of the greenhouse gas emission problem.

School For Startups Has Been Featured In


School For Startups Has Been Featured In