All-New School For Startups Coming Soon!

First, we here at School For Startups hope you and your family are staying happy, healthy, and hunkered. These are very interesting times to say the least and entrepreneurship has certainly changed in the last couple of months. Since the landscape has changed, we have decided to revamp our entire system to help you build the businesses of the future. We are hard at work on the new curriculum and will release updates soon. Stay tuned by following us on Facebook!

Jim Beach

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A few words from some of our students!

School For Startups was a game-changer for me! I knew I wanted to start a business and be my own boss, but I could not put all of the pieces together. These classes save me!

Stephanie P.

These classes made me an entrepreneurial rock star! Thank you Jim and the whole crew for building my entrepreneurial confidence and guiding me through the process of starting my own business!

Jay Andrews

I went from a 9-5 that I loathed every day to a startup founder with 4 employees. I saved thousands of dollars and hours by working with School For Startups! Highly recommend!

Grant Harvel

I built my company, nobox creatives, an online marketing company in Atlanta, using the SFS framework and working closely with Jim, and I can say with confidence that my company is thriving as a result!

Skip Blankley