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Entrepreneurship is like lots of skills, and an entrepreneur coach will make you much better at what you do. Great tennis players have a coach in the stands evaluating every swing. Super Bowl winning teams have coaches famed for their strategy and personal dynamic skills. Entrepreneurs do better with coaches too.

The idea of hiring an entrepreneurial coach may be oxymoronic to some. Part of the essence of entrepreneurship is being alone, solo. And coaching implies group dynamics and a core belief that improvement is possible.

We believe differently. We believe that:

  • You are not necessarily a born entrepreneur, entrepreneurship can be learned.
  • Good entrepreneurs can grow with a coach to the great entrepreneurs.
  • All entrepreneurs need a sounding board and an extra set of eyes.
  • Entrepreneurial coaching multiplies your network and opportunities to find partners, investors, and customers.
  • An entrepreneurial coach can reduce your risk and increase your chances of success significantly.

So many entrepreneurs are stuck on the sofa. They have doubts about their deep desire to do something different, to build their dream life, or to simply get rich. They are usually stuck on one of three things:

  • Creativity
  • Risk
  • Passion

Business coaches for entrepreneurs will be able to help look at your circumstances and find unique opportunities. Your coach will be able to walk you through the creative process to find an idea that compels you to get out of the bed every morning. A great business coach will bring that light bulb moment into the present and teach you to find even more ideas in the future.

An entrepreneur coach will help you assess the risk of your new business model and a great coach will help you reduce that risk. Advising someone to go put a second mortgage on their house to start a business should be criminal! Risk is scary for a reason. Serial entrepreneurs reduce risk every way possible, and a great startup coach should help you fine-tune your model so that the financial risk is acceptable.

As your entrepreneur coach, we will also help you deal with the issue of passion. Everyone says you have to have a passion for your business. But what if you don’t know what your passion is? What if your passion for jewelry making or woodworking does not lead to a business? Is your passion for freedom and opportunity enough? Or, does this first business lead to other opportunities that will excite you in the future? Working through the emotional aspects of your business should be one of the first steps in your entrepreneurial coaching experience and we will walk you through that.

A great entrepreneurial coach will help work through these issues with you. This strategy and vision of your first business should be so clear and the risk so easy to stomach, that the decision to move forward should make getting off the damn sofa easy!

If this strategy is still convoluted, you are not done. If it still feels too risky, your coach isn’t finished yet. Great entrepreneurial coaching should provide the motivation and support that has been lacking in your life for years. The decisions to move forward should now be easy.

Your advisors, your spouse, and the people you are fiscally responsible to should be able to see the vision and feel the excitement with you.

For beginning entrepreneurs, there are so many unknowns. First-timers have questions about the validity of their idea, the way they’re going to fund, how they’re going to find their first customer and so many other things. All of these concerns are valid. But, these are the typical questions that any business or entrepreneurial coach should be able to help with. Your startup coach will look at your decisions and see holes, flaws, and opportunities that you do not see. Sometimes you are simply too close to the business to see certain realities.

As your business grows and progresses, your entrepreneurial coach’s roles will change over time instead of being a teacher and motivator, the business coach should now act as an advisor and support system. A great coach will be available today for a quick five-minute conversation to answer that question is keeping you up at night or excites you so much that you have to talk about it. As your business is ready to grow and sell, your business coach will be there to show you the new considerations and to introduce you to experts in these new areas.

What should you look for in an entrepreneurial coach for your business?

  • Make sure your coach has started successful businesses, and not just in the coaching space. We see so many coaches that have successful coaching practices and pointed out as entrepreneurial experience. Your coach should have started businesses in different industries. It’s okay if they failed a couple of times, great entrepreneurs do that. But make sure your coach is actually run successful businesses.
  • Your entrepreneurial coach should also be a good coach! Just because they can start great businesses does not mean that they will be a great coach. Ask them for specific examples of coaching success.
  • A great entrepreneur coach should have core beliefs about entrepreneurship. Are they spouting the latest bestseller, or do they actually have a set of or beliefs based on years of experiences and success?

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