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SFS Minute 263:      Reward Yourself

After you achieve your goals for the day and have worked hard, reward yourself with a treat, some ice cream maybe!

SFS Minute 262:      Prioritize Your Calendar

Start your day with the most important task, evaluate Your activity, and reflect on your day.

SFS Minute 261:      Define What a Win Looks Like

Break big goals into small tasks and it’s easier to get a daily win!

SFS Minute 260:      Surround Yourself with…….

Hard Workers.

Catarina Matias has built two businesses, the Recruit Me App and The Bite Snack Co., because of her personal needs.

SFS Minute 259:      Labor Day

Today is Labor Day, remembering and celebrating the men and women of organized labor unions. We know it for the end of wearing white, and the end of summer. But it’s also the last day of another season……

SFS Minute 258:      Ideas from Need

Catarina Matias has built two businesses, the Recruit Me App and The Bite Snack Co., because of her personal needs.

SFS Minute 257:      Bartending and Biz

Neil Rogers on the similarities between Bartending and Small Business.

SFS Minute 256:      Exit Path

Touraj Parang on the importance of having an Exit Path, even from the very beginning.

SFS Minute 255:      Melody Cloud

Wayne Altman describes how the Melody Cloud app can save you from tinnitus, help you sleep, or focus.

SFS Minute 254:      International Copying

Edrizio de la Cruz of Arcus, a FinTech in Latin America, found his business idea by looking internationally.

Anastasia Miles

SFS Minute 253:      Indoor Dog Poo

Anastasia Miles created The City Loo to solve her problem of living high up in a condo tower while having a dog that needs to go out 2-3 times a day.

Justin Frank Polgar

SFS Minute 252:      Chocolate Medicine

Justin Frank Polgar built using chocolate to hide medicines’ unpleasant tastes.

Johnathan Price

SFS Minute 251:      YouTube Following First

Johnathan Price built a YouTube following about cool audio gear then grew his Sound Shop to sell to them.

Andy de Silva

SFS Minute 250:      Green Shampoo

Andy de Silva responded to changing laws by creating green hotel supplies by shifting to reusable systems.

Jordan Freda

SFS Minute 249:      Sci-fi Play Along

Jordan Freda created so you could influence their sci-fi storyline.

Nicole Montoya

SFS Minute 248:      Nichole Montoya and Cheddar Up

A great way for a Scout Troop to pay for an outing.

image (16)

SFS Minute 247:      RT Custer and Vortic Watches

Take a 100-year-old pocket watch and turn them into brand new wristwatch!

image (17)

SFS Minute 246:      Leland Jones and Ceramic King

His passion for car coatings is obvious and has led to an amazing story!

image (18)

SFS Minute 245:      Lloyed Lobo and Boast.AI

Escaping Indian slums and a Middle Eastern war to starting a great business using a unique market method.


SFS Minute 243:      Independent Contractor Trap!

Not many employees really meet the 1099 standards. Be careful!


SFS Minute 242:      Non-Compete vs. No Stealing Customers

You cannot demand a non-compete. People have to be able to work. You can demand that they do not steal your customers!

Written Plan

SFS Minute 241:      Written Plan

You think you only need a business plan when you start, but that’s not true. Each business needs to write a plan annually and post it in their LLC binder.

Employee Handbook

SFS Minute 240:      Employee Handbook

Every business needs an employee handbook that details all the rules and how to report possible issues.

Document it Better

SFS Minute 239:      Document It Better

There are many examples of businesses that suffered because of failure to document. All week, the Minutes come from the Book “10 Ways To Get Sued By Anyone & Everyone.”

image (12)

SFS Minute 238:       Elder Care

The largest growing segment in America is elders needing help.

image (11)

SFS Minute 237:      Cleaning or Landscaping

You can build a clientele in one summer.

image (14)

SFS Minute 236:      Tutoring

Do you have a skill to share, maybe needlepointing, this is the place!

image (15)

SFS Minute 235:      The Neighborhood Guy

My neighborhood has a guy that makes a living as a handy man and extra hand just working in our neighborhood. For example, every Christmas he collects all the trees and makes a couple thousand in just 2-3 days. If you need a hand moving, he is there.


SFS Minute 234:      Pets!

When we vacation, we spend hundreds per day! Pet sitting, grooming, training, daycare, lots of options.

image (5)

SFS Minute 233:      Eating affects your mood

Food has an impact on your overall physical health AND your state of mind. Carbohydrates release serotonin, a “feel good” hormone. High sugar food gives an energy rush and then a crash. Complex carbs, such as vegetables, beans, and whole grains, can help you avoid the crash. Lean meat, poultry, legumes, and dairy are high in protein which will release dopamine which boost energy and concentration. Fatty fish has anti-inflammatory effects.


SFS Minute 232:      Sleep More

You need at least 7 hours. If you find need to nap during the day or feel like you’re in a fog, you need more sleep!

image (7)

SFS Minute 231:       Exercise Even a Little

Exercise isn’t just for your body as it reduces stress, feelings of anxiety, and symptoms of depression while boosting self-esteem and happiness. Even a little activity can make a difference.

image (8)

SFS Minute 230:      Smile More

We smile when we’re happy. But it goes both ways. Smiling causes the brain to release dopamine, which makes us happier.

image (9)

SFS Minute 229:      Be Grateful

Being grateful gives your mood a boost, having a significant impact on hope and happiness. Try starting each day by acknowledging one thing you’re grateful for. There is always someone worse off!


SFS Minute 228:       Jokes

Telling a funny story is hard! Don’t try to use a joke unless you are good at this. Talk about your experiences, your life, and your thoughts to ensure that the speech is authentic.⁠

image (1)

SFS Minute 227:      Memorize the first 30 seconds⁠

Getting started is the hard part. The first 30 seconds need to go well, so memorize them and then try to do the rest with a note card to keep you organized.⁠

image (2)

SFS Minute 226:      Imagine the Nudity

The old idea is that imagining the audience naked is a way to get over the fear of speaking in front of them. A better way is to realize the audience wants you to succeed and is on your side.

image (3)

SFS Minute 225:      Content

Every presentation needs a structure! The simple outline of a thesis, 3 points that prove that point, and a restatement of the thesis still works.

image (4)

SFS Minute 224:      Preparation

Practice several times before a big speech. Hopefully, in front of some friends that will help you work on the rough parts.


SFS Minute 223:      Understand Where You Are

Take a self-assessment every month to honestly appraise if you are making progress in your emotional goals.


SFS Minute 222:     Help Others

Its hard to feel bad for yourself when you see and experience the lives of those worse off than you.


SFS Minute 221:     Use Positive Communication

Make an effort to use positive, affirming words. And try smiling more! It makes a difference.


SFS Minute 220:     Practice Empathy

Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference. You might see other people have bigger problems than you do!


SFS Minute 219:     Manage Negative Emotions

It’s normal to have negative emotions. The important thing is managing them to learn why you have these feelings and seeing how to move forward.


SFS Minute 218:  Minorities

The U.S. is the greatest place for women, minorities, and LGBT to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. There are so many programs, incentives, and cultural factors that help minorities achieve their dreams.


SFS Minute 217:  Work at Home

America is the “work-at-home” country! Very few countries have houses big enough to work at home. Try it in Japan! America homes are probably too big, but at least they provide room for that entrepreneurial startup!


SFS Minute 216:  Culture

The American culture loves entrepreneurs. More people want to be entrepreneurs than rock stars or movie stars. Its cool to be an entrepreneur. Can’t say that in lots of other countries.

Source: PranThira / Shutterstock

SFS Minute 214:  Failure

Failure is accepted, even rewarded, in the U.S. In most places, you get one shot at being an entrepreneur. Is the U.S., you get unlimited tries!


SFS Minute 213:       Grow Slower

Fast growth increases risk. Slow and steady has been shown to be a great model too, said the turtle!


SFS Minute 212:     Reduce Expectations

Maybe you should not start hoping to build a 5 story restaurant. Maybe a 3 story restaurant will be enough!


SFS Minute 211:     Crowdfunding

A great way to share the risk amongst others and to pre-sell product. 2 great reasons to crowdfund.


SFS Minute 210:     Outside Investors

There’s even an expression for it, Other People’s Money, OPM!


SFS Minute 209:     Pre-sell

Selling a product before it is done happens more than you think and is generally accepted. Don’t be afraid to ask.


SFS Minute 208:      Play games

Both traditional and video games teach new skills and expose players to new worlds.


SFS Minute 207:     Learn a New Culture

See things from the eyes of someone that grew up with snow every day.


SFS Minute 206:     Create Art

Even just building a massed potato mountain is helping inspire……


SFS Minute 205:     The Power of Daydreaming

Allowing no mind constraints, your mind can go anywhere!


SFS Minute 204:     The Power of Doodling

5 Minutes of random drawing with some music on will lead to ……


SFS Minute 203:    What about venture capital?

Actually, that’s supposed to say Vulture Capital!

angel money

SFS Minute 202:    What are Angel investors?

Money from Heaven!


SFS Minute 201:    Bank – Do banks loan to new startups?

Your bank is not your friend!


SFS Minute 200:    F&F – The first place to raise money is friends and family. How does that work?

The easiest way to get money, but is it worth ruining Thanksgiving?


SFS Minute 199:    Bootstrapping – Is it really possible to start with no to little money?

Well, YES it is!


SFS Minute 198: What Do You Do First When Starting a Business?

The first thing to do is to get customers. It’s all about customers, customers, customers.


SFS Minute 197:   Should You Have a Co-Founder?

Get a cofounder only if they provide a significant skill set or asset you can’t find otherwise.


SFS Minute 196:   What Do You Do if Your Passion Is Not Profitable?

Most passions are profitable! You’d be surprised what passions I have seen make money.


SFS Minute 195:   How Do You Get Money to Start a Business?

The best way to fund a new business idea is by bootstrapping. Spend as little money as possible, even if it means scaling back your dreams.


SFS Minute 194:   How Do You Get Ideas for a New Business to Start?

Look around you! Most new business ideas are copies of things that people already do for a living or see around them.


SFS Minute 193:   Leadership w Brendan Keegan

Brendan Keegan described that leadership is a choice you must make.


SFS Minute 192:   The Cloudy Cloud

Briana Frank of IBM taught me that there are different qualities of cloud!


SFS Minute 191:   Creative AI

Milan Kordestani owns 2 AI companies and gives great insight into why creative humans will beat AI in the end.


SFS Minute 190:   Sinking Cities

Yes, there is a threat bigger than global warming facing the cities of the world. They are sinking!


SFS Minute 189:   Memorial Day

Yes, Memorial Day is a day to not only remember, but to celebrate!


SFS Minute 188:   Passion!

Have a passion for something!


SFS Minute 188:   Passion!

Have a passion for something!


SFS Minute 186:  Creativity!

The magic 93% number again!


SFS Minute 185:  A Third Are Bogus!

A third of scientific studies may be fake or copies. But is this article itself a fake?


SFS Minute 184:  Supreme Court Does Nothing

Social media regulation has long been needed, and long ignored by our government.


SFS Minute 183: Make It a Want

A dentist that does $37 million a year?! Paul Vigario of SurfCT shows dentists how to do exactly that by changing a need into a want.


SFS Minute 182: Make It a Great Afternoon

Nicole Wood of Ama la Vida Coaching teaches that even a bad day can finish better!


SFS Minute 181: To NDA or Not?

We strongly suggest entrepreneurs never sign a NDA. James Weir of shares his thoughts.


SFS Minute 180: Seeing the How

No new inventions. Just new ways of delivering the same old. Allen Adamson shares his book Seeing the How.


SFS Minute 179: Containing Big Tech

Tom Kemp’s new book Containing Big Tech describes the biggest threats facing the world. Big data, AI, privacy, etc. Which do you think is the single biggest threat? Tom’s answer surprised me.


SFS Minute 178: Multi-Generational Wealth

Tarji Carter of The Franchise Player points out how to build long term wealth.


SFS Minute 177: Spies in the House

There’s an App for that!


SFS Minute 176: Never Give Up

Jay Sidhu has a simple message.


SFS Minute 175: I Didn’t Think of That

Publisher Morgan MacDonald shares a big disadvantage to publishing a book.


SFS Minute 174: AI Does No Harm?

AI’s proponents claim it will be good for the world. What about the number 69 million?


SFS Minute 173:  FBI #3 Says…..

Robert Anderson, former #3 of the FBI, dreams of a better FBI.


SFS Minute 172:  Figma Fig Jam

A great new tool for online brainstorming described by Teresa Cain.


SFS Minute 171:  The UPS Indicator

UPS revenue a great recession predictor, from David Hay of the Haymaker Newsletter.


SFS Minute 170:  Good Charcoal

Ben Jablonski tells a great story.


SFS Minute 169:  Why or Who?

Mark Mears of Purposeful Growth on Simon Sinek’s why and a better word, who.


SFS Minute 168: Acorns! Acorns! Acorns!

Daniel Vitalis is a TV star on the Outdoors Network and an expert on eating off the land.


SFS Minute 167: Flower Power!

Dr. Melissa Crum offers advice on healing with the power of flower essence.


SFS Minute 166: Entrepreneurial Persistence

Steve Berry has sold 25 million books! But it was not easy.


SFS Minute 165: Kids and Divorce

Nanci Smith is a divorce attorney and Author of a new book on Collaborative Divorce.


SFS Minute 164: AI Uses for SMBs

Ben Katz of Happy Head talks about AI for SMBs.


SFS Minute 163: Medical Ethics and AI

Dr. Simon Whitney shares his thoughts on the latest issues.


SFS Minute 162: Better Biz Credit

Darryl Callum of Infinite shares how to build business credit.


SFS Minute 161: How to measure success?

Charles McCarrick has 10 patents in the antenna industry. He defines success.


SFS Minute 160: Better Customer Experience

Greg Kihlstrom talks about better customer experiences.


SFS Minute 159: One profession, 4 million openings

Rob Behnke of Halborn shares that the internet security industry has 4 million open jobs!


SFS Minute 158: Through the Bad Times

Mike Fata sold his business for $419 million and offers advice for when times are really tough.


SFS Minute 157: Gig Insurance

Wayne Goshkarian describes a new insurance product for the gig economy worker.


SFS Minute 156: Tonal Influence

Marshall Davis Jones describes how tone and body language can help drive results.


SFS Minute 155: Grace under Pressure

John Baldoni, top thought leader, on having grace under pressure.


SFS Minute 154: Prescription for Success

Dr. Jonathan Baktari describes the key to business success.


SFS Minute 153: Profit Margins on Amazon

Hundreds of thousands of small businesses succeed by selling on Amazon. But profit margins are being squeezed…..

SFS Minute 152: More Credit Cards!

Chris Malta shares how many educational seminars are sales event in disguise with staffers helping audience members sign up for new credit cards to buy more of their “services.”


SFS Minute 151: Product Service or Salesperson?

Chris Malta of eComm Scams describes how many of the big internet companies have salespeople that are pretending to be product service.

SFS Minute 150: Focus, Focus, Focus

Chris Malta revels the only way to make money on your ecommerce site.

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