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How to Be More Creative

SFS Minute 468:      Daydream

Engage in structured daydreaming to design your dream life! Let your mind wander and see what creative ideas emerge.

SFS Minute 467:      Doodle like the Stars

Channel your inner Bill Gates and Steve Jobs—doodle your way to creativity! Explore how this simple habit can inspire new ideas.

SFS Minute 466:      Create

Get creative by simply starting something new today! From videos to songs, the act of creation itself fuels your creativity.

SFS Minute 465:      Play a Video Game!

Who knew playing video games could boost your creativity? Dive into new worlds and ideas to spark your imagination.

SFS Minute 464:      Learn a Language

Unlock your creative potential by learning a new language! Discover how embracing new cultures and languages can double your creativity.

5 Must Knows about Corporate Transparency Act

SFS Minute 463:      A Million Dollar Fine!

What happens if you delay complying with the new federal business registration laws? The consequences could be dire, including hefty fines and potential jail time. Don’t miss today’s SFS Minute to learn more.

SFS Minute 462:      Driver Licenses Too!

Did you know you’ll need to submit your driver’s license to meet new federal business regulations? Learn what steps you need to take and the timeline you must follow in today’s SFS Minute.

SFS Minute 461:      Now!

Attention business owners! Discover why all existing businesses must register with a new federal website before year’s end. What’s at stake if you miss the deadline? Find out in today’s SFS Minute.

SFS Minute 460:      Terrorists Too?

Curious about how new federal laws aimed at combating terrorism and money laundering might affect your business? We delve into the details and implications in today’s SFS Minute. Stay tuned!

SFS Minute 459:      Now Federal Too!

Let’s talk about a significant shift in business compliance: registering your business is no longer just a state affair. What new federal rules are shaking things up? Find out in today’s SFS Minute!

Ways to Be More Creative

SFS Minute 458:      Copy!

Let’s talk about innovation. Discover why copying and improving existing ideas is a powerful strategy for creative success.

SFS Minute 457:      Pen and Paper

Let’s talk about capturing ideas. Learn why always having a pen and paper can help you record those sudden bursts of inspiration before they slip away.

SFS Minute 456:      Daily Devoted Time

Let’s talk about dedicating time for creativity. Find out how setting aside just five minutes a day to think can enhance your problem-solving skills and spark new ideas.

SFS Minute 455:      Brainstorm

Let’s talk about brainstorming. Discover how gathering a few minds around a dry erase board can generate groundbreaking ideas.

SFS Minute 454:      Look Overseas

Let’s talk about creativity. This week, I reveal how a trip to London and their unique Christmas trees inspired a creative business idea.

How to Get Famous

SFS Minute 453:      Spread the Word

Let’s talk about spreading your message far and wide. Discover why every interview counts in your quest for fame. Have a great weekend!

SFS Minute 452:      Practice, Practice & Practice

Let’s talk about the power of practice. See why honing your story is essential to your journey to fame. Listen in for details!

SFS Minute 451:      Create a Pitch

Let’s talk about crafting the perfect pitch. Learn how to create a statement that highlights your uniqueness. Don’t miss it!

SFS Minute 450:      Find a Publicist

Let’s talk about how a publicist can be your ticket to fame. Discover why having someone promote you is crucial.

SFS Minute 449:      How to get famous

Let’s talk about the first step to fame. Learn the key starting point others have used to make their mark. Tune in for more!

5 Things that Are Over

SFS Minute 448:      Bulk Marketing

Let’s talk about marketing. Is bulk marketing dead? Learn how personalized marketing is revolutionizing the industry and what it means for consumers!

SFS Minute 447:      4 Year College Degree

Let’s talk about college degrees. Are four-year degrees becoming obsolete for most jobs? Explore the evolving landscape of education and employment!

SFS Minute 446:      AI Investment Window

Let’s talk about AI investments. Has the golden opportunity to invest in AI already passed? Discover the trends and what’s next in the tech world!

SFS Minute 445:      Work at Home

Let’s talk about working from home. Is the remote work trend here to stay, or are we heading back to the office? Find out what’s changing in the workplace!

SFS Minute 444:      5 Day Work Week

Let’s talk about the 5-day work week. Could it be on its way out? Tune in for insights on this significant shift in the American work culture!

How to Publish a Book

SFS Minute 443:      Publish

The final Step is obviously getting the book published. The author of the Harry Potter series was rejected, 100 times before she found a publisher, finding a traditional publishing house can be very hard and she made. Decide to hire an agent to help you self-publishing. Through Amazon is very easy in manageable. I watched four videos on Youtube and within a weekend was able to take my finished manuscript and get it published the huge benefit of. That is I got most of the money instead of a publishing house, get started this weekend.

SFS Minute 442:      Edit

After you have recorded a chapter, get it transcribed, many websites do that. Then hire someone on Upwork to take the transcripts and quote unquote, take them to the next level by editing them for clarity and providing proper pros. You can do it yourself if you have time but don’t let this step slow you down outsource it. If you need to most important thing is to keep momentum moving forward.

SFS Minute 441:      Talk don’t Write

The idea of sitting down with the blank piece of paper or at a blank screen on your computer, it’s pretty scary. Writing 2 or 300 pages from scratch. Seems pretty daunting, obviously. We want to divide it into smaller chunks but for most of us, me included, its easier to dictate or talk a chapter than it is to write it. Record yourself. Describing what happens, record yourself discussing every details of the chapters. Get that transcribed in your a long way down the path

SFS Minute 440:      Outline

After you decided, if your book is going to be fiction or non-fiction, the next step is to create an outline. If you’re writing a fictional novel, a story made up in your head, try to write out at least 30 or 40 action. Steps that your main characters will take each action is a chapter and should be about seven or eight pages. For an instructional non-fiction book. You need eight to ten chapters with a total of about 200 pages. I’ll have another tip tomorrow.

SFS Minute 439:      Topic

It may seem obvious, but the first step in writing a book is picking the topic. You need to decide if it’s going to be fiction, imaginary, made up or non-fiction, real, education, or self-help. Try to come up with a one-sentence thesis that you can defend, something a little controversial is best. My first book was published by McGraw-Hill because the thesis was a controversial topic, that’s why it weas selected. Start off with one good sentence, and your good to go.

5 Love Languages

SFS Minute 438:      Touch and Feet

Touch is the final love language. Rub my feet, I’m happy for a week. Have a great weekend. Bye Now!

SFS Minute 437:      Acts of Service

Love language #4 acts of servitude, the honeydew list. Simply doing what they ask, take the kids to school, do the dishes, clean the carpet, whatever it is. You’ll have a good weekend, I promise.

SFS Minute 436:      Loving Gifts

Love language #3 is Gifts, receiving a gift make some people feel loved. Try it out!

SFS Minute 435:      Loving Time

The love language I want to focus on today is called quality time. The act of being together four or five minutes or five hours. The amount of time is not what’s important. What’s important is that you are both 100% there committed to each other and not the cellphone, not the TV not the sports. That’s also on focused on each other. Take a walk and do nothing but be together quality time.

SFS Minute 434:      Kinder Words

I want to talk about love languages and how understanding them can have a huge impact on your relationship with your family, your kids, your spouse, and with your employees, or your boss. This information comes from a book by Gary Chapman and it describes that every person gives and receives love in one or two of the five ways, one of these ways will appeal to you the most. And when someone does that for you, that’s how you feel the most loved today, I’ll talk about words of affirmation.

How to Have Gratitude

SFS Minute 433:      Redo the Past

Rethink the past! My final tip for including more gratitude in your life is to rethink your past period revisit important or emotional events and look at them with a gratitude lens. Thank people for things they did 10 years ago that are still resonating in your life. Reframe bad events by focusing on those that helped you through the bad times. Gratitude works in the present and future and can even make the past better period I am grateful for you.

SFS Minute 432:      Thank You Notes

I have a friend who is well known for his birthday cards and thank you notes. It started when he had a corporate secretary to help him, but even in his retirement he sends 15 to 20 birthday cards a month. He is also known to send thank you notes for even the smallest events. If you go to dinner with him he will write a thank you note for the great conversation if you pay he will write and even longer more gracious note. Express your gratitude. It will help you and everyone else.

SFS Minute 431:      Gratitude Visits

Remember, there are many millions of people that are worse off than you. Open the newspaper and read about the horrible things that people do to each other. Be glad that you are not the one they are writing about. Visit a hospital and just hang out in the waiting area or the lobby and you will see that you have a lot to be grateful for. Reach out to an organization helping orphaned or disadvantaged kids and you will see that you have a lot to be grateful for. Believe it or not you have quite a lot to be grateful for.

SFS Minute 430:      Gratitude Time

I suggest that you make gratitude a part of your day. Just as you may pray or meditate or do positive affirmations, try to also include some things that you are thankful for. Spend 5 minutes every morning listing things or thinking about things that you can be grateful for. Add dinner, you could go around the table and have each person say one thing that they are grateful for that happened that day. This is a great way to pass gratefulness on to another generation.

SFS Minute 429:      Gratitude Listing

We need to be careful for what we have being grateful study after study have shown that having gratitude is one of the best ways to increase your mental health and to be happier this week we will talk about ways to increase the amount of gratitude in your life I’ll give you my first tip right after this. Despite what it feels like sometimes, we have a lot more to be grateful for than you might suspect. one of the best ways to feel better about your circumstance is to make a list of the things that you have to be grateful for. It could be small things like having a computer to listen to this on or having a car to listen to the radio or being healthy enough to drive. I think you will find that you have a lot more to be grateful for then you remember. Also try a negative list as well. Make a list of people that are worse off than you Carla it’s not hard just open up the newspaper and see the horrible circumstances that some people are living through. If you don’t see yourself there you should be grateful for that!

How to Be Accountable 

SFS Minute 428: ID and Remove Blame Partner

Almost always there is one person in your life that accommodates your vices. That person that wants to buy a pack of cigarettes with you. As hard as it is, you must eliminate them or at least the eliminate the situations you see them, in your life.

SFS Minute 427:      Positively Accept Feedback

Huge part of accountability is being told you are wrong or lazy. You must accept the feedback and not get rude or upset with your accountability partner.

SFS Minute 426:      Goals

Tell your partner what to hold you accountable for. Set clear goals that are easy to measure. If your goal is to write a book, commit to writing 2 pages a day, or eating one piece of fruit every day.

SFS Minute 425:      Partners

Must ID a clear powerful accountability partner. Ask someone to hold you accountable by asking the hard questions each week or month? Questions like Did you exercise every day this week like promised? Try to find someone strict but willing to give you day off once in and awhile.

SFS Minute 424:      Small Starts

Maintain Excitement – Like with anything new, start in small steps. You can’t invite new accountability into every part of life at once. Start at home, then church, then work.

How to Communicate Better  

SFF Minute 423:      Non-Verbal Too

The Toastmasters organization is a great place to go and practice giving speeches in front of people. I highly encourage all of you to do that especially if you want to focus on this week’s topic of learning to communicate better. all week I’ve shared advice things like learning to prepare and practice I’ll share today’s final tip in just a second. Yesterday I suggested smiling more and that you could even hear someone smile over the telephone today I want to talk about another important aspect of communication nonverbal cues we all give off and receive 10s of thousands of nonverbal cues every day the way we dress the way we comb our hair what we do with our hands the way we stand there all of those are absolutely critical and you must consider those when you are communicating think about the way you present yourself it’s important.

SFF Minute 422:      Smile and Tone

I believe you can hear a smile over the telephone that’s right if you were to say a sentence while smiling and then say the exact same sentence without smiling over the telephone I think that you could hear the difference I believe that your tone and even the facial expressions that you’re using help shape your communication smile more!

SFF Minute 421:      Less Is More

This week we are talking about learning to be a better communicator nothing is more important to a successful career in a happy life and the great thing is that we can learn to do it better. I am embarrassed to admit it but my wife and I sometimes watch reality TV and the one thing you can learn from that is sometimes it’s better to just be quiet even when they’re trying to apologize to each other these Real Housewives will say something nice and then add one more sentence at the end just to have that little dig remember sometimes the best thing to do is just be quiet and not say anything at all.

SFF Minute 420:      Listen

Good communication skills are so important to a happy career good communication skills are so important to a successful career and a happy relationship all this week we are talking about how to have better communication skills yesterday I suggested practice and preparation I’ll give you another piece of advice right after this. There is an instructive Dale Carnegie story about a time he met a famous New York industrialist. they had an hour long conversation and afterwards the industrialist said that Dale Carnegie was the best conversationalist in the entire world. Dale was asked about this and he said yes during the hour I asked him several questions and he talked the rest of the time. to engage in successful conversations, you need to start off as a practice active listening. Stop thinking about what you are going to say next and just listen.

SFF Minute 419:      Prepare and Practice!

Poor communication skills make life so much more difficult. It makes school embarrassing and makes students lose confidence. it makes getting a promotion at work much harder and it makes having a good strong relationship impossible. this week we’ll talk about ways to communicate better both written and verbally. To communicate better you need to prepare and practice if you have a big presentation at school or at work you should prepare a week in advance and practice every day until you can get it right if you’re going to ask a girl out figure out what you’re going to say and then practice if you want to tell your husband that you love him do the same thing a little practice and preparation will make your communication go a lot better. OH, and if you’re going to send an e-mail write it and then wait for 24 hours before you send it.

How to Be More Patient

SFS Minute 418:      Do nothing

Embrace the art of doing nothing to cultivate patience. Discover the power of stillness and reclaim the lost art of boredom for a more serene mindset. Tune in for tips on finding peace in the present moment.

SFS Minute 417:      It’s not all about you

Shift from self-centered impatience to empathy. Explore how understanding the broader picture can lead to greater patience and fulfillment. Tune in for valuable insights on embracing empathy in moments of frustration.

SFS Minute 416:      Practice accepting your current circumstances

Learn how shifting your mindset can help you navigate challenging circumstances with ease. Tune in for actionable insights on finding peace amidst chaos.

SFS Minute 415:      Show gratitude

Discover how expressing gratitude can naturally ease stress and cultivate a more serene mindset.

SFS Minute 414:      Reframe the Issue

Reframe impatience with a simple mindset shift. Join us for SFS Minute 414 and discover the key to finding peace in every moment.

How to Be Optimistic and Stop Worrying

SFS Minute 413:      Stop Insomnia

Discover how to break free from sleep worries and embrace positive actions for a restful night. Stay tuned for tips on achieving better sleep without the stress!

SFS Minute 412:      More Mindfulness

Unlock the power of mindfulness to transform your daily thoughts and outlook. Stay tuned for strategies to cultivate a positive mindset and embrace each day with happiness!

SFS Minute 411:      Negative Self-Talk

Discover the secret to banishing stress and negative thoughts for good. Stay tuned for tips on mastering your mind and cultivating a more positive outlook on life!

SFS Minute 410:      The 5 Surrounding

Dive into the transformative power of your social circle. Surround yourself with optimism and watch your happiness soar.

SFS Minute 409:      Change the Perspective

Discover the power of redefining optimism in your life. It’s time to break free from self-doubt and embrace a version of happiness that’s uniquely yours.

Building Emotional Intelligence

SFS Minute 408:      Michael Jordan’s Best Quote

Reflect on Michael Jordan’s resilience: Embrace setbacks as stepping stones to success, bouncing back stronger with each challenge.

SFS Minute 407:      XYZ Formula to Express Emotions

Unlock Jim Beach’s XYZ formula: Express your emotions clearly and succinctly by stating ‘I feel X when you do Y in situation Z,’ fostering open communication without bottling up emotions.

SFS Minute 406:      Stay Cool by Getting Hot

Unlock Jim Beach’s advice: When stress hits, step back, refresh, and rejuvenate with cold water, fresh air, and a quick burst of exercise for instant relief.

SFS Minute 405:      Emotional Plan B

Discover Jim Beach’s insight: Mitigate emotional risks with a backup plan—whether in real estate or pursuing goals like my daughter’s journey into the talented program.

SFS Minute 404:      They’re Not talking about You!

Jim Beach shares wisdom: Shift your mindset – negative actions often have nothing to do with you personally, but rather with the circumstances of others.

How to Develop Leadership

SFS Minute 403:      Build Emotional Intelligence

Unlock the power of emotional intelligence. Mastering your own emotions and understanding those of others is key to effective leadership. Imagine the impact on your interactions, from the office to home life. Join me on the journey to heightened emotional intelligence—it’s not just about becoming a better leader, but potentially boosting your income.

SFS Minute 402:      Understand Other’s Perspectives

Unlock the key to empathetic leadership. Dive into the perspectives of those around you, understanding the factors influencing their behavior. From health care concerns to family obligations, empathy fosters a collaborative environment.

SFS Minute 401:      Volunteer

Ready to step into leadership? Seize the opportunity at your next staff meeting. Volunteer to take the lead and watch your leadership skills flourish. Join me as we explore the transformative power of taking initiative and leading by example.

SFS Minute 400:      Target Weakness

Enhancing your leadership journey involves targeting your weaknesses. Identify areas for growth—whether it’s communication, delegation, creativity, or providing feedback. Stay tuned as we delve into strategies for self-improvement tailored to your specific challenges.

SFS Minute 399:      Understand Your Style

Unlock the secret to effective leadership: understanding your style. Whether you’re democratic, collaborative, visionary, or authoritarian, identifying your approach is crucial. Join me as we explore the nuances of leadership styles and discover what aligns best with your personality and aspirations.

SFS Minute 398:      Late Breaking Passion

Discovering passion can be a journey—one that unfolds over time. Reflect on my experience: what began as a summer camp business evolved into a deep love when I witnessed the joy it brought families.

SFS Minute 397:      Childhood Dreams

Unlocking your passion can be as simple as revisiting childhood dreams.  Delve into your past for inspiration—like my rediscovered love for Christmas lights, which sparked a thriving business venture.

SFS Minute 396:      The Bucket List Test

Discover the key to uncovering your passion. Reflect on the insights from doctors regarding end-of-life regrets—they often revolve around unfulfilled aspirations. Take a proactive approach: compile a list of what you’d regret not accomplishing. Could this be the gateway to discovering your true passion?

SFS Minute 395:      Recognize Your Patterns

Unlocking your true passion lies within your patterns. Explore what consistently excites you—are you eagerly awaiting the latest Star Wars novel or the seasonal cookie release? These preferences hold valuable clues to your subconscious desires.

SFS Minute 394:      Notice How You Spend Your Free Time

Discovering your passion can be closer than you think. Reflect on how you spend your free time—it could hold the key to unlocking your true calling.

SFS Minute 393:      Be present in the moment

Introverts spend too much time thinking about how the situation is going. Shift your focus from internal dialogue to the vibrant world around you. Embrace the moment, engage in lively conversations, and become an active participant in every experience. The power to transform your social interactions awaits. Are you ready to step out of your thoughts and into the action? More insights to come…

SFS Minute 392:      Middle Stander

Unlock the secret to unforgettable connections at your next social event. Our latest tip? Positioning is everything. Discover the power of a strategic stance and a welcoming smile. Ready to make someone’s day while opening the door to new opportunities? The key to success is simpler than you think. Stay tuned for the reveal.

SFS Minute 391:      Meet-Up Junkie

Tip #3 on your journey to being an Extrovert. Imagine a tool that not only connects you with events but also tailors them to your comfort level, from intimate gatherings to grand soirees. Dive deeper into what lies beyond your usual circles—perhaps a new friend or passion awaits. The secret? It’s closer than you think.

SFS Minute 390:      Extrovert plan

The key lies in meticulous planning. We’ve devised a strategy that transforms ambition into action, one conversation at a time. Curious about the second step? It’s simpler than you think. Details coming soon.

SFS Minute 389:      Sit at the Bar

Ready to be an extrovert? Our first tip might surprise you, transforming ordinary dining into extraordinary connections. Hint: it’s not where you sit, but where you choose to engage. Stay tuned for the reveal.

SFS Minute 388:      Beam me up, Scotty!

Next on our list of quotes from the screen that literally everyone gets wrong, we have your boy James T. Kirk. Now, everyone agrees that he said “Beam me up, Scotty!” at some point in the show, right? If you don’t know anything about Star Trek, then at the very least, you know that much, right?

Wrong! He never says it, though he does say similar things at various times. I wonder if The Original Series’ age has something to do with it; I bet there aren’t that many people anymore who go back and watch it, so I bet for a lot of people, hearing that quote in other pop culture properties is the only exposure that they have to the show. So, of course, they wouldn’t realize the quote is incorrect.

SFS Minute 387:      Magic mirror on the wall

Here’s another widespread misquote of a famous movie: in Disney’s Snow White, apparently the evil queen doesn’t say “Mirror mirror, on the wall”; she says “Magic mirror on the wall,” which I suppose is more grammatically sound, but isn’t quite as catchy.

This is another one where I had to get online and see if that was really true. I would have sworn it was “Mirror mirror!” I mean, everyone says, “Mirror mirror!” There was that Snow White movie with Lily Collins and Julia Roberts called Mirror Mirror where Snow White became an outlaw, and the evil queen had great dresses! How did we all get that so wrong?

SFS Minute 386:      Cornucopia and Fruit of the Loom

The following is one of the most widespread examples of the Mandela effect: do you remember the Fruit of the Loom logo having a cornucopia in it? If you do, you’re not alone: so do I and pretty much everyone else who’s aware of this popular, affordable underwear brand. Frequent references to the cornucopia pop up in pop culture, from album covers to South Park episodes. There are references to it in newspapers. Even the logo’s designer remembers it. But apparently, every single one of us is wrong. There has never been a cornucopia in the logo. Kind of blows the mind, doesn’t it?

SFS Minute 385:      Sex Is in and the City?

One of the intriguing Mandela Effects revolves around the beloved TV series, Sex and the City. Many people vividly remember the show being called Sex IN the City instead. Surprisingly, there is some evidence supporting this alternative memory. An old perfume product related to the sitcom carries the spelling “IN” on its box, providing a tangible link to the divergent recollection.

Furthermore, certain cast members have mentioned “Sex IN the City” in interviews, adding weight to the argument. Although this evidence may seem light, the conviction of those who hold this memory remains strong, despite official denials. But hey, who needs official denials when reality itself can be as naughty as Samantha’s escapades?

SFS Minute 384:      Luke, I am not your father.

The following might be one of the most commonly misquoted movie lines in history. Everyone says it wrong; I think that if you said it correctly, people wouldn’t really know what you were talking about. And it’s been quoted wrong for so long that it’s no wonder that some people have convinced themselves that they remember it being the incorrect way in the movie.

I mean, I didn’t see Star Wars until I was 10, so I had heard the incorrect movie quote many times before I actually saw the film. So, of course, I remember it wrong; my first memory of the line is of the wrong wording. Honestly, though, the movie version is stronger. I’m glad that the popular quote is actually incorrect.

SFS Minutes 383:      Stop Comparing

We all hate that and there are things you can do to be more honest. We talked about figuring out why you are a liar and making changes there an anticipated behaviors that will drive you to a lie accept the consequences in just learn to do it a little less yesterday we suggested avoiding friends that make you keep secrets. To know my final advice, Listen now!

SFS Minutes 382:      No One’s Secrets but Your Own

Almost everyone, at some point, or another tells a lie and they feel horrible about it this week. We’re talking about the ways to lie less, we’ve already talked about anticipating behaviors that bring it upon figuring out how and why you lie and trying to solve it that way and also living up to the consequences are all great. Wants to decrease the amount that you lie? In just a second, I’ll share one more piece.

SFS Minutes 381:      Accept the Consequences

This week we are talking about ways to stop lying as much. We’ve already talked about dealing with your guilt and figuring out why you are a liar today. I want to give you one more piece of advice that hopefully makes you a little bit more honest. Listen now! I’ll give you another piece of advice.

SFS Minutes 380:      Guilty Lies

Nothing can destroy a relationship or a marriage or a job more than lying. It’s one of the worst things that any of us can do all this week. We’re talking about ways to lie less, and to be more honest yesterday. We discussed why you lie and figuring that out so that you can do it less. Listen now! I’ll give you another piece of advice.

SFS Minutes 379:      Why You Lie

I’m a Southerner! Southerners love to tell big stories, the bigger, the story, the better and if the story is better if you exaggerate the details a little bit, well that’s okay. Is it just a story or is it lying? So many people lie. We have to work on this all week. I will be talking about ways to stop lying before it happens. So you can be a more honest person. Listen now! I’ll give you my first piece of advice.

SFS Minute 378:      Talk about the Person’s Interests

It is very possible to become more interested in becoming the person at the party that everyone wants to talk to, it is an achievable goal. We have talked about the ways to do that by finding your passion and becoming a better listener, expanding your comfort zone. All of these things will make you more interesting today. I want to share my final piece of advice on becoming more interesting. Listen now!

SFS Minute 377:      Passion!

You! Yes, you! Even you can become a more interesting person. That is right! Becoming interesting is an achievable goal we have been talking about all week, we have suggested that you need to read more, expand your comfort zone, be curious, and be a better listener. All of these things will make you more interesting today. I will share another great piece of advice. Listen now!

SFS Minute 376:      Read

No matter what you’re doing, dating or trying to get a promotion or just trying to impress the kids. Everyone wants to be more interesting and it is a very achievable goal. We’ve already talked this week about becoming more curious and a better listener and expanding your comfort zone. I’ll share today’s advice on becoming a more interesting person. Listen Now!

SFS Minute 375:      Comfort Zone

We all wish we were more interesting and it’s a goal that you can easily achieve yesterday. We talked about being more curious and being a better listener and how that will make you more interesting, I’ll share another tip with you. Listen Now!

SFS Minute 374:      Be Curious and Listen

Everyone wants to be interesting, we want to hang out and be around people, that are funny. Interesting, have a point of view. So the question is, can we become more interesting? Can we change over the next year or so, and become more interesting people, I say the answer is yes, I’ll show you one way to do that. Listen now!

SFS Minute 373:      Focus on Good Outcome

When faced with challenges and setbacks, and life seems to be testing you, here’s a crucial piece of advice to turn things around—listen closely now!

SFS Minute 372:      Start Small

Sometimes, when you get down, when things aren’t going your way, iy can be so hard to self-motivate. I know, I have been there, I’ve experienced it. I know what it’s like today. I’ll give you some advice on how to get going, how to get motivated. I’ll share the 4th tip. Listen Now!

SFS Minute 371:      Get support

If you are lost and just can’t seem to get going, we are trying to help you this week. We’ve talked about the first step which is having one goal, second – yesterday we talked about telling somebody today I will share that the third is getting motivated and getting you off the sofa so that you can finally go out there and have a happy life. I’ll share today’s tip. Listen now!

SFS Minute 370:      Commit publicly

When you can’t get off the sofa and you can’t get up. You can’t find the drive to move forward yesterday. I’ll share with you today’s advice. Listen now!

SFS Minute 369:      One Goal

This week, we’re going to tackle a very difficult topic, how to get off your sofa. When you are not motivated when things are going bad, and it’s hard, you’re really down on how to rebound, regroup, and get going again. I’ll give you my first tip on how to get off your Sofa. Listen now!

SFS Minute 368:      Whatever

I’m going to be honest with you today, I’m going to share a technique on how to be funnier that I just don’t really love. All week we’ve been talking about just that how to be funnier. It can be taught and I’ve given some advice on what to do to play around with numbers and breaking patterns. That people are going to suspect are already there. Things like that today, though. I’m going to give our final bit of advice, and again, I just don’t love it. Listen now!

SFS Minute 367:      Play with Data

Everyone wants to be funnier and can think of some part of their life that would be better if they were funnier. Maybe they would get more promotions or better dates or whatever, but everyone wants to be funny or can learn how to do it. We talked yesterday about how you can copy life. Life is pretty funny itself and do observational humor, and tell stories. It’s a lot easer than telling a joke. To learn more, listen to this.

SFS Minute 366:      Use real-life stories

Everyone wants to be funny, we love funny people. Well, the good news is, it’s a skill. Just like a lot of other things you can teach yourself to be funnier. It is something that you can choose to work on this week. I’ll give you a third tip on how to be funny in just a second.

SFS Minute 365:      Rule of 3

We are talking about becoming funnier and learning to become funny, It’s a skill, just like anything, like learning French. You have to practice take lessons, and perhaps even read a book or two about how to do it, but you can become funnier than yesterday. We talked about using surprise as a technique. I’ll share another technique in just a second.

SFS Minute 364:      Surprise and Shock

Everyone loves funny people and everyone wants to be funnier. It’s great for your personal relationships for dating and at work, it can even be a profession, you can become famous. It’s a skill, just like anything else this week, we will spend time talking about five ways that you can become funnier. You can teach yourself to do this. I’ll share the first tip after this.

SFS Minutes 363:      Listen!

I will talk about how listening can help build your self-confidence in just a second…

SFS Minutes 362:      Small Things Build Confidence

I wanto share my favorite way to increase your self-confidence, and it involves a Rubik’s Cube.

SFS Minutes 361:      Preparing Builds Confidence

Today, we’re going to talk about how preparation can also increase your confidence in just a second..

SFS Minutes 360:      Exercise to Confidence

Today, I will talk about how exercise can help your confidence. To know why, listen to this.

SFS Minutes 359:      Its Ok to be Wrong

All this week, we are talking about ways to become more confident. It turns out that your confidence is directly related to how willing you are to admit when you are wrong. To know more, listen to this.

SFS Minute 358:      Day Tight Compartments

Dale Carnegie had one more principle that I wanted to share with you this week. It’s called the idea of day tight compartments. I’ll explain it and how it will decrease your worrying. Listen Now!

SFS Minute 357:      Win Every Argument

Dale Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends and Influence People has a chapter on how yo win arguments. Well, I want to win all of mu arguments. I love to argue so I flipped to that chapter and I learned what he had to say. I’ll share Dale’s advice on how to win every argument, Listen now!

SFS Minute 356:      Smile, their Name, and Listen!

Dale Carnegie is the Father of the Self-Help industry. His first book how to win friends and influence. People continue to be mega best sellers. Three pieces of advice really stick out to me from that book. I’ll share those with you, Listen more!!

SFS Minute 355:      Keep Busy to Not Worry

I took a Dale Carnegie class right before the Christmas holidays and was blown away by how much I learned. It was absolutely fantastic. One of the things they talk about is learning how to not worry so much. I’ll tell you Dale Carnegie’s great advice on that.

SFS Minute 354:      Dale Carnegie on Insomnia

The largest section of the bookstore is usually this self-help section and there’s a reason it sells the most books, the father of the entire section of the industry is Dale Carnegie for over a hundred years, his books and his classes have sold tens of millions of copies and have changed thousands, millions of lives. He had a great bit of advice on insomnia.

SFS Minutes 353:      New Coke and Disney Trademarks? Could Disney have learned something from New Coke?

Last week, the steamboat Willie version of Mickey Mouse became open property. Anyone can use it. Now the trademark for Disney has expired after 95 years and Mickey Mouse is now common property. I’ll tell you how a different American company solved the exact problem. Listen now to know more!

SFS Minutes 352:      Crystal Pepsi – Corporate Failings

This week I have been talking about big corporate failures of products that were very hyoed or maybe even overpromoted. Today I want to talk about what we as small guys, and entrepreneurs need to do differently to make it work and I’ll tell you the story of Crystal Pepsi. Listen Now!

SFS Minutes 351:      Even Google Can Fail – You Can Too

One of the great things about America is that failure is okay. You can recover from failure, we even have terms, like fail fast and fail forward. The idead That failure helps make you better and that you’re more likely to succeed afterwards and even big companies with all of the genuises they have can fail too. I’ll talk about the failure of Google+, Listen now to know more.

SFS Minutes 350:      Segway – I wanted one!

Starting something new is scary and frequently leads to failure, but failure is okay. You can recover form it. In America, you get to try again. That’s one of the things that is so great about our country all week, I am sharing examples of a few corporate failures so we can laugh a little bit at them realize that you’re smather than those guys and maybe help you get off the sofa and go get started. I’ll tell you a story.

SFS Minutes 349:      Juicero – Required Device Not Needed

New things can be very scary. A new year, New Year’s resolutions, a new business, a new semester all this week. I want to share new ideas that flopped to show you that it’s okay to try something. That New that failing isn’t so bad. As a matter of fact, as we will see, it can be one of the best things that happens to you. Today, I’ll share a story about a company called Juicero how they burned through 120 millin dollars. Listen now to learn more!

SFS Minute 348:      Keep Working

Tip #5, This is a year-long goal, not a one-week or one-month goal if you backtrack a little bit, that’s okay. Just keep working.

SFS Minute 347:      Get Support

Tip #4, Have a team built around. You tell people that this is your resolution and that is your goal. To know more, listen to this.

SFS Minute 346:      Start With Small Steps

Tip #3, Start with Baby Steps. To know why, listen to this.

SFS Minute 345:      Choose a Specific Goal

Tip #2, when you are making your one resolution, choose a very specific goal. To know why, listen to this.

SFS Minute 344:      Limit Your Resolutions

Happy New Year! I will be sharing tips that make your New Year’s resolutions process more successful.

My first tip for success with your New Year’s resolutions is to limit them. To know why, listen to this.

SFS Minutes 343:      Hershey’s Kisses Christmas Commercial

Wishing you a joyous Christmas! Tune in to the excitement of two thrilling countdowns: ‘The Best Commercials of All Time’ and, as a delightful bonus, ‘The Top 5 Christmas Movies of All Time.

SFS Minutes 342:      M&M’s Meet Santa Claus

Wishing you a joyous Christmas! Tune in to the excitement of two thrilling countdowns: ‘The Best Commercials of All Time’ and, as a delightful bonus, ‘The Top 5 Christmas Movies of All Time.

SFS Minutes 341:      Coca Cola Christmas Commercial: Polar Bears and Penguins

Wishing you a joyous Christmas! Tune in to the excitement of two thrilling countdowns: ‘The Best Commercials of All Time’ and, as a delightful bonus, ‘The Top 5 Christmas Movies of All Time.

SFS Minutes 340:      Campbell’s Melting Snowman

Wishing you a joyous Christmas! Tune in to the excitement of two thrilling countdowns: ‘The Best Commercials of All Time’ and, as a delightful bonus, ‘The Top 5 Christmas Movies of All Time.

SFS Minutes 339:      Coca Cola Christmas Commercial – “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony…”

Wishing you a joyous Christmas! Tune in to the excitement of two thrilling countdowns: ‘The Best Commercials of All Time’ and, as a delightful bonus, ‘The Top 5 Christmas Movies of All Time.

SFS Minute 338:      Sales First

Anthony Hughes, from Tech Elevator, provides insight into the entrepreneurial landscape, cautioning against a disproportionate emphasis on fundraising over sales and revenue generation.