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Episode 18: Goodwill Providing Job Skills Training

Goodwill is a great place to donate used items. But, now they are also providing training programs to help customers get better jobs, explains CEO Steve Preston.

Episode 17: Covey’s New Leadership Style

NYTimes best selling author Stephen Covey explains the trust and inspire leadership style.

Episode 16: Lori Garver from NASA on What is Cool

Lori Garver was Deputy Administrator of NASA for just under a decade. She knows cool and I asked what is the coolest thing she saw…..

Episode 15: Failure Can Be Key to Success

We all hate to fail, but if you choose to learn from it, it can be the best thing to happen to you. Norman Bacal, an entertainment Super Lawyer and Author of Take Charge: Rewire your mind for success, speaks about failure leading to success in his life.

Episode 14: Sales After the Pandemic

Everything, including sales, changed due to the pandemic. Ryan Dohrn, Emmy winner and sales strategist, explains that emotion is replacing knowledge in purchasing decisions.

Episode 13: Diversity Leads to More Sales

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are leading to better sales presentations and more sales. Donald Thompson of The Diversity Movement shares that diverse teams close 15% more deals.

Episode 12: Low Code Programming Easy and Cheap

Programming careers are safe and lucrative, but it can take decades to learn the skills. A new programming platform called Low Code by Appian changes all of that. It allows fast, easy development of applications and can be learned much faster than other languages. It uses visual, point and click elements to standardize many application pieces. Most apps need a sign-in feature, so it was standardized. Just grab it on the screen and throw it into your app.

Episode 11: Can Entrepreneurs Save the World?

We all want a clean environment. Peter Fiekowsky writes in his new book ‘Climate Restoration’ that existing technology can restore CO2 levels to pre-industrial levels! He describes 3 businesses already making money by cleaning the environment! Very exciting.

Episode 10: How Much Does It Cost to Start a Business?

You may think you need to double mortgage your house to start a business. In fact, most entrepreneurs spend a lot less than you think!

Episode 9: Where New Business Ideas Come From

Did you ever wonder where a business owner got their great idea? According to the London School of Economics, 93% of new businesses get their idea by copying someone’s idea. They copy, borrow, and steal!

Episode 8: The Why Myth

Is your WHY import? What if you don’t know what your WHY is?

Episode 7: The Landscaper and Risk

Getting a job at a Fortune 500 company would seem like a great, safe, risk free life. It would certainly be safer than starting something risky like a landscaping company, right? In this Minute, we discuss the risk associated with two paths: entrepreneurship and the safety of a big time job.

Episode 6: The Cars of Millionaires

You assume that millionaires would drive only the best cars! Well, they do drive the best….. trucks! The most popular car for American millionaires is the Ford F150 Pickup! And 37% drive used cars.

Episode 5: The Passion Myth

There is nothing more important than passion! If you don’t live and breathe your why, you will never succeed! This is all wrong! Passion is great for your family and religion. But, maybe just liking your business is enough! You can be passionate about your process, the freedom that comes from not working for the man, and the opportunity to control your own life.

Episode 4: The Risk Myth

Entrepreneurs don’t like risk! They work aggressively to reduce it or to offset it entirely! Why take risk when someone else will?

Episode 3: The Creativity Myth

Where do new business ideas come from? The truth will shock you!

Episode 2: When is the best time to start a business? NOW is!

Many say that the best time to start a business is when the economy is strong. This may be true, but during a recession like now, it can be a great time to start a business. If you are successful during bad times, you know you will be incredibly successful when the economy improves. Your pitch must be perfect to sell in bad times. If you are successful in boom times, you don’t know if the success is because of you or because the macro economy is strong.


Episode 1: How the Rich Became Rich

There only 11 ways to become rich! You can inherit money, marry money, divorce for money, become a sports star, become a movie star, etc. Listen to this Minute to hear the list of all 11, and learn how most (86%) of the millionaires and billionaires became rich!

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