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What Is the Best Business to Start With 10k?

Starting a business isn’t a project for the faint of heart. You must develop significant mental fortitude to endure the ups and downs that go with running any business. After all, you can’t lose your cool when kid bursts in on your Zoom meeting.

Despite the many large and small challenges, about three-fifths of adults dream of running their own business.

Of course, not everyone enjoys bottomless pockets. You might wonder, “What are the best business startups for cheap?”

Keep reading and we’ll cover the best business to start with 10K. In fact, we’ll look at several.

Resume Writing Service

The rise of a covid likely means a permanent end to the days of everyone commuting to work. After all, about 40% of people now commute from their bed to a home office.

As businesses and employees grow more comfortable with remote work, it will open up opportunities. It also means a lot more people will need updated resumes.

If you’re wondering how to start a business with 10K, start with resume writing. You can get a good computer, web hosting, and launch a site for 1-2K. That will leave you a healthy financial cushion for marketing.

Graphic Design

If you possess the artistic chops, graphic design is an excellent business to start with 10K.

You’ll spend a lot more on equipment for graphic design. You’ll need a high end computer and at least one high-end printer. Realistically, you’ll also probably need a digital drawing tablet.

All of that equipment will run you several thousand dollars. You should still leave yourself enough for some marketing.

Talk with people you know, former employers, and contacts on social media. Let them know that you launched a graphic design business.

Dog Walker

Few people love the idea of taking a dog out for a mile walk after a long day at work. That makes dog walker another great business to start with 10K.

Your main cost is reliable transportation. While you probably won’t transport the dogs, you must still arrive promptly. You should probably plan on spending 4K-6K on a good used vehicle, if you need one.

Beyond that, advertising will make up most of your costs.

You’ll want a website. Look into advertising in local publications. You should also see if local pet stores and vet offices will let you hang flyers.

Picking a Business to Start with 10K

Picking a business to start with 10K takes some evaluation. 10K business options like graphic design and resume writing don’t depend on your location. An option like dog walker demands you live somewhere with a fair number of dog owners with some disposable income.

You should also consider your own strengths. If you like animals or the outdoors, avoid a business that keeps you inside constantly. If you like your home office, a resume writing or graphic design business makes sense.

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