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The Best Gifts For Female Entrepreneurs

Is there a high-powered girl boss in your life?

Someone who wakes up and sees all the possibilities and opportunities to build and grow a business? Someone who is in charge of their own business and has a vision for the future?

Or are YOU that person? Most of our readers here on School For Startups are entrepreneurs so if it’s you that is crushing this entrepreneur thing be sure to forward this to that special someone as a hint ;).

We’re talking about all of the female entrepreneurs out there that have that special place in your heart. Whether that is your mom, sister, daughter, aunt, or partner we have you covered.

Chances are if you are looking to find the best gift for a female entrepreneur, you are beating your head against the wall trying to pick the perfect gift. They can be hard to buy for as they tend to be very particular and know what they want, and that is a good thing.

Read on to find out what strategy to use when picking up a gift for this special woman.

Gifting Experiences

So, what to buy for an entrepreneur? The approach we will be using is gifting her experiences.

Even if she wants to look her best in a beautiful dress or with a $3000 handbag, these things are ultimately forgettable and likely not something they will value in the long run.

She’s a girl with dreams. She has a finger on the pulse of the world, and she’s trying to succeed no matter what it takes. The entrepreneur in her is a perpetual fire that does not let up.

You want to give her a gift that helps her fuel that fire.

What would this girl want? Clearly, the best gift is one that will move her ever closer to success. A typical business owner is always hungry for anything that will give them an edge, something that helps them grow as a person and an entrepreneur.

We work with a lot of kick-ass women who run amazing businesses and we know these are all things most would appreciate. Don’t let another birthday, anniversary, holiday, or special occasion go by without showing them how much you care about helping them build their dreams.


Yes, books. Trust us; these are not boring gifts for entrepreneurs. Most have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and learning the skills necessary to grow their business is something they always keep front and center.

Any entrepreneur worth their salt knows that books are the key to success. After all, what differentiates an expert from a novice in any area is how much they know. And your female entrepreneur friend is going to need to know a lot.

She’ll appreciate a well-thought-out book as a gift, especially if it contains knowledge that gives her an edge compared to her competition.

The above link provides a few of our favorites, but there are so many to choose from these days. One thing you want to be certain of is that you are not buying a book they already own.

So do your homework and if you can catch a glimpse of their audible library, kindle reader, or physical library.

For a bonus round find out who their favorite entrepreneur is and if they have written a book, see if you can track down a signed copy. These are often easier to find than you think.


As for more gift ideas… What about something like a meal kit delivery service?

Your girl is going to be crazy busy.

In the time it takes to think up meal plans, get groceries, cook up a storm, and do dishes, she could be increasing the value of her company.

She could be connecting with her clients. If you get her subscriptions to services that make her life easier, you could help her be the best female entrepreneur she can be.

These can get expensive in the long run, but getting her a week’s worth or a few meals can introduce her to what could be a game-changer for her schedule.

There are several meal delivery services available and often time they have gift card options or new custom discounts you can take advantage of.

Online Education

Well of course we have to include a shameless plug for the School For Startups in here. 😉

Books and education are something that every female entrepreneur loves and our entrepreneur coaching, business-building courses, and business workshops offer just that.

In addition to our programs, we highly recommend purchasing them a membership to Masterclass and/or LinkedIn Learning. Both of these offer a ton of unique and useful information for entrepreneurs no matter where they are in their careers.

The interactive element of online learning can be a big win especially when they are feeling stuck and might have stagnated a bit in their progress. Learning from someone one-on-one can bring new perspectives and wins they might have lost touch with recently, which happens from time to time.

Upgraded Tech

We see it a lot; an entrepreneur is killing it and their business is doing quite well but their computer keeps crashing or their phone keeps dying on them while they are talking to clients on the go.

Oftentimes we get so busy and caught up in our lives that we forget that sometimes one of the most obvious solutions to our problems is right in front of our face. I personally used a crappy PC for years because I had all of my files exactly where I needed them and I was very comfortable with my setup.

It wasn’t until a friend finally convinced me to get a Mac that I was finally able to see the light. Once I learned the new interface and had a stride with the new machine, I was saving several hours a week by not dealing with slow loading applications and a crappy machine and now had easy search functions, time-saving shortcuts, and a machine that ran so much quicker.

Life is so much better with a Mac and I will never look back. I save so much time by using a machine that was designed for productivity and that time is money when you run your own business.

While we are talking about Apple products, the Airpod Pros are hands down one of the best gifts you can give them if they don’t already have a pair of wireless headphones. From improving your ability to focus to being able to take client calls with plenty of battery life, they will be an upgrade she will thank you for years to come for.

Fitness Equipment

Staying in shape is one of the best ways to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle of entrepreneurship. The mental and physical benefits of getting and staying in shape are worth every minute you spend getting sweaty.

If they love to run, perhaps a new pair of running shoes or a fit bit. An Apple Watch is also something many people, myself included, attribute to a key to consistency in staying active.

If they have a ton of gear or gym membership but don’t use them as much as they would like because they are glued to their desk all day, these elastic bands can be an easy way to fit some basic workouts and stretching into your daily routine while in meetings or on calls.

No matter what activities they are into there is something they could use that would make that activity that much more enjoyable. And giving someone the gift of good health is hands down one of the most amazing gifts you could provide a loved one.

The Best Gift for Female Entrepreneur

Let’s not assume that men and women necessarily prefer different gifts. Look at the science of giving a good gift.

One of the most tried and true methods is to just get them what they want.

Do they need trainers for their new and intense exercise routine? Would some Bulletproof coffee be helpful because they’ve been having slow starts to their morning?

Remember that a gift for such a high-powered individual should be something they can derive joy from using over and over again; it should be something that can also bolster their success.

Help Them Succeed

The most important thing is to encourage them! Don’t buy them a DVD box set or an ice cream maker. When looking for the best gift for female entrepreneurs, enabling their productivity is key.

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