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Starting a Pressure Washing Business

Opening a pressure washing business can be a great opportunity to start out on your own as an independent contractor. It is a fairly simple concept, requires no overhead once you have the pressure washer, and has a guaranteed need every spring.

If you have been pressure washing your house or driveway and think you are good at it that is a good start. If you are enjoying it that is even better. But there is much more to being a successful pressure washer business owner. Follow these tips to get off on the right foot and establish a quality business.

Secure Quality Equipment

Do not fall for the idea that you can increase your profits by investing in a cheap pressure washer. This may work in the short run because your upfront costs will be minimal but it will not pay off in the long run.

Make sure your pressure washer can hold up to hours of work, several days a week. Otherwise, you could end up needing new equipment a few times a year.

If you cannot afford to buy a high quality pressure washer to start, there is nothing wrong with renting your equipment while you build your business.

Learn Your Craft

It is great that you did a good job pressure washing your driveway, but you need to be better than the average homeowner. Otherwise, there is no need to pay you to do the work.

Practice pressure washing as much as possible. Volunteer to work on your friends’ and family’s homes. Perfect your technique. Make sure you are seamless in your ability to pressure wash specific areas without damaging surrounding areas that should be untouched (like plants or shrubbery).

Keep It Legal

Because you are working machinery and using it on other people’s property, there are some things you need to do to protect yourself from liability. Different states require different permits in order to run a pressure washing business.

You will need to register your business and get a tax ID. You may need a contractor or environmental permit. You should also get insurance to cover any issues that arise with your equipment or your work.

Spread the Word

Once you have taken care of each of these aspects of your business, it is time to start hustling for customers.

Social media is a great way to spread the word. Start by sharing with your friends. You will be amazed how quickly it will end up crossing the screens of people you have never heard of.

Some people may not even know that they need pressure washing. You may want to think about going door to door with fliers giving an estimate of what it would cost for that specific house.

Ultimately, word of mouth is going to be your most effective method of advertising. Although this can take longer than you may like, when it begins to happen, your business will take off. So get practicing, because when the calls start coming you need to be ready.

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