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I Want To Start A Business

I want to start a business because I can. I want to start a business because I want to turn an idea into reality. I want to start a business because there are far too many problems to solve and I only need to pick one.

The thought of getting started is overwhelming, stepping into the unknown is always frightening, and building a business from scratch is certainly uncharted territory for me. But I can’t wait any longer, I have to act now, I have to build the business and realize my potential.

I may not even have a great idea for my business, hell, I may not even have an idea at all, but I do know that the ideas are not what we have a shortage of… We simply have a shortage of people willing to step up to the plate and swing for the fences.

I have stopped telling myself that I need to be brilliant or creative to come up with the next game-changing business idea because that has never been true. I now know that most businesses are just copies of other businesses and they are now doing it a little different or a little better, and that is it.

Starting a business is something I have been wanting to do for years now, maybe even decades, and I have not been ready to act for one reason or another. But like most things in life, the timing is never going to be perfect.

So long as I keep my risk low by not taking out a second mortgage, or using my life savings to build this thing, or doing anything that endangers mine or my family’s livelihood I am in good shape. I now know there are so many ways to avoid the pitfalls of risk and I plan to use them to my advantage.

I am also done believing the lies that I need to be passionate about what I do. I now realize that is nonsense and I can be passionate about designing my business around my lifestyle rather than the other way around. I don’t have to be passionate about my business, I simply need to understand my “why”, and my “why” is because I want to be my own boss, decide my own hours, remove salary ceilings, and build a legacy for my family.

I completely understand that running a business requires revenue, and I cannot wait to make my first sale and delight my first customer. I will celebrate the victory with a moment of reflection, perhaps framing the check to put on the wall as a reminder of my hard work.

Once the momentary celebration is over, I will get to work and help my client in every way I can. I will over-deliver on what they hired me for and wow them with the results. These results will be what they tell their friends and colleagues about, and that will ultimately lead to more work for me and increased revenue without having to spend a dime on marketing and advertising.

I now understand that the best customer is the one I already have, and I will treat every one of them with respect and do everything I can to make their lives better. This is what entrepreneurship and building businesses are all about and I will keep that close.

In order for me to start and grow a successful business, I need to stay on top of my skills and the industry I have decided to build a business around. This will take a lot of hard work, and require me to never stop learning, but I am ready for that as staying ahead of the competition will be what separates me from the heard.

I want to start a business so others can benefit from the services I offer. I genuinely want to make the world a better place, and I can do that by delighting each and every one of my customers. I know that a happy customer is a repeat customer, one that will recommend you, and one that can be fun to work with.

When I set out to build this business and be my own boss, I also understand that even though I am my own boss, each and every client is my boss for however long our contract decides. So I will choose my customers wisely, I will work with people I actually want to work with, because I will not be doing anyone any favors by “dealing” with a customer, rather than providing a product or service with a smile on my face for that customer.

I want to start a business because this is how I want to live my life. Maybe I stay small and build a strong company of one, or maybe I grow my business into a large corporation that employs hundreds or even thousands of people. Either way, I will stay true to my values and ensure each and every one of my customers is thrilled with the products or services provided.

I want to start a business because the time is now. I am tired of waiting for things to change. It is my turn to give this a shot. I may not knock it out of the park on my first go, but I will certainly take the lessons I have learned and build a stronger business and a stronger me.

I am ready, I am willing, I am determined. I want to start a business (click to tweet).

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