How to Start a Pressure Washing Business: Your Go-to Guide

The market size value for pressure washing in 2020 was $1.95 billion and is projected to increase to $2.3 billion by 2025.

Pressure washing can be an easy start-up business with great potential, but you can’t just buy a pressure washer at your local store and support your family going door to door.

Want to know how to start a pressure washing business? Here are some basic steps!

Practice Makes Professional

Make the effort before you go “all in” to practice pressure washing. Rent a higher power machine and pressure wash everything you can think of at your own home, moving on to volunteering jobs for friends or family so you can practice.

This serves two purposes: 1. it helps you improve your skills and 2. to helps you know if this is something you will enjoy doing full time.

While you learn how to start up a pressure washing business, take the time you need to find out if you will enjoy it enough to invest the time and money.

It’s also a great idea at this stage to do some research and reading to determine if entrepreneurship is right for you.

Buy Your Own Equipment

Buying equipment is an essential consideration when figuring out how to get a pressure washing business started. Professional, high-quality equipment will legitimize your business and make it faster and easier to get the hard jobs done right.

If you are considering how to start a mobile pressure washing business, make sure to consider your vehicle needs as well. Purchase a used vehicle that can carry your equipment, is still in good condition, and will help you look professional.

Make Sure You Will Make a Profit

While you will need a full-fledged business plan if you want to get a loan to start your business, you can start by getting a general idea and crunching numbers.

The basic idea behind checking to see if you will generate profit is comparing your potential money into money out and seeing what’s left. Don’t forget to consider marketing costs in addition to monthly overhead costs such as insurance and gas money.

Doing a quick business plan to help you determine your start-up costs, overhead, and customer fees will help you know how to start a small pressure washing business and still generate a profit.

Cover Your Legal Bases

Check with your city or county clerk’s office to know what licenses, bonds, or insurance you are required to have to operate in our area.

You will also need a business name so you can register your business with the IRS for tax purposes.

Find a good business insurance agent to make sure you have liability insurance to cover damages while you work, to cover your equipment if it gets stolen, and possibly workers comp in case of injury.

Now You Know How To Start a Pressure Washing Business

The basics of how to start a pressure washing business are pretty straightforward. Now you need the courage and business savvy to follow through and get it going.

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