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How to Start a Photography Business

Many people love photography, but few people take the time to start their own photography business. Whether that’s because it seems daunting or because they don’t feel they have the time, the truth is, starting a photography business is straightforward.

If you’re interested in becoming a photographer and are ready to learn the ins and outs of running a business, kudos to you! Let’s take a look at how to start a photography business and start earning money for your skills.

Create a Company Name and Register It

The first step to getting your online business up and running is to create a company name and register it. You’ll want to come up with something simple and catchy, but it doesn’t need to be perfect. You can always change it later!

Once you’ve picked a name that feels right to you, it’s time to start getting it registered. Check to see if your locality requires you to register your company name as a trading name. Typically, doing so is free and you’ll get approved right away.

Generate Your EIN

After registering your name, it’s time to make an EIN. This is free to do as well and only takes a few minutes of your time!

To make one, you’ll need to head over to the IRS website. You’ll be asked to fill out a form, and the IRS will automatically generate an EIN for you. From there you’re all set to start legally using that EIN.

Get a Business License

Now that you’ve successfully registered your trade name and created an EIN, you need to get a business license. You can typically find the requirements for your particular locality by visiting the local government website.

Your business license simply allows you to legally operate as a photographer. Make sure to register using your business EIN and not your personal social security number.

Open a Business Bank Account

So, you’ve got your business license, your EIN, your registered company name … what next? It’s time to create a business bank account. This is important for keeping your personal finances separate from your business finances.

These are important for making sure that you don’t run into any tax audits. It’s also where you’ll store any payments that you receive for completing your photography work.

Create Your Online Portfolio

Your business wouldn’t be complete without a little marketing effort. To start putting your name out there and showing off your work, you’ll want to create an online portfolio website.

This is where clients can book your services and take a look at your past photos. Make sure to put your best work on here and to include eye-catching imagery. After all, this is what sells your brand!

Put Your Skills on How to Start a Photography Business to Work

Now that you know the basics of how to start a photography business, it’s time to get the ball rolling! By following these simple steps you can get the legalities out of the way and start snapping photos for cash.

At School for Startups, we help potential business owners learn how to create successful businesses. Get in touch with us and we’ll help guide you on your way to creating your very own photography business!

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