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How to Start a Painting Business: A Guide

A painting business is a great way to get started as an entrepreneur.

If you’ve never started a business before, painting is great because not only is it relatively easy and cheap to get started, but it’s also extremely scalable. Once you’ve got a business certification, a website, and the right painting supplies, you just need to find your first clients and you’re off and running.

In this post, we’re going to delve a bit deeper into how to start a painting business with a comprehensive guide. Starting a successful company is about being prepared and organized, so let us help you get your things together.

Analyze the Market

First and foremost, you should analyze the market to determine a few key elements of your painting business. Try to answer the following questions:

  • How many potential residential and/or commercial clients are there in your area?
  • Are there other painting businesses that may stifle your progress getting off the ground?
  • Is there an opportunity for business growth?

Your answers can help you dictate where to take your business in the beginning stages. If there are more residential than commercial opportunities, then you can decide to focus on painting homes. However, if there’s an established residential painting company in your area, it might be better to avoid the competition and go for commercial painting.

Taking Care of Logistics

Create a unique name for your business, buy a domain and build a website, get all of your socials in order, and create an eyecatching logo. It can be tough to stand out, so the better you can brand yourself, the easier things will be.

Next, you’ll want to file your LLC paperwork to become an official business, purchase an EIN for tax purposes, and open a business bank account. With that done, you’re nearly on your way to becoming a pro painter.

Getting Painting Supplies

No painter is complete without the requisite painting supplies. The business of painting has one of the lowest overheads for any small business.

All you’ll really need is a vehicle (preferably a van or truck), rollers, brushes, trays, drop sheets, a pole, and both indoor and outdoor ladders. As you expand the business, you can acquire more supplies, but this is all you’ll need to accommodate your first job(s).

Marketing As a Professional Painter

Make sure to utilize social media to its fullest. We can’t begin to explain the nuance of social media marketing in this short guide, but there are loads of other articles you can study on our website that’ll explain it more thoroughly.

Internet marketing is important, but with painting, you’ve got to be boots on the ground as well. Get out there with some business cards or flyers and start showing your face to the community. Success in painting is all about building reputation and trust, so getting out there and interacting with people will go a long way.

Now You Know How to Start a Painting Business

There you have it, you now know how to start a painting business from scratch. Although this is one of the easier businesses to start, there are always going to be difficulties, so don’t hesitate to come back and visit us again at the School For Startups. Not only do we have a great blog with loads of business information, but our course can help you learn the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur.

Apply today to start your journey to becoming a professional painter.

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