Get Started Young: 9 Business Ideas for Kids

Courage is acting despite the fear, and in today’s world, courage is needed in good measure, not only by adults but by children as well.

The world seems to be getting more and more chaotic, and this means that your children might not be able to rely on getting a corporate job and settling in for the long haul. As you did.

The good news is that there are dozens of business ideas for kids that are easy to put in place, and with a bit of adult supervision, can sail to the heavens and above.

Some of these ideas are quite ubiquitous. Like running a lemonade stand, or tutoring younger children. But there are many more ways to make money in today’s world, that you and your child might be missing out on.

Get them started young, by giving them this list of good business ideas for kids. Read on to see what these 9 cool business ideas for kids are all about.

1. YouTuber

Ryan ToysReview, made 11 million dollars in a year by opening up toys, playing with them, and reviewing them. Does your child have a talent on camera that he/she can harness to build the ultimate online business?

2. Children’s Book Illustrator

There are hundreds of children’s book authors who are looking for authentic illustrations for their books. If your child has a talent for drawing or painting, this could be a good gig for them to start.

3. Voice Artist

If your child loves to talk, and has a great voice, there are always businesses looking for voice artists who are children.

4. Colouring Book Designer

There are hundreds of coloring books for sale on Amazon and if your child likes to draw, they could do create these as a side hustle.

5. Baker

If your child loves baking cookies, cakes, and more, and decorating them, there is definitely a need in this world for more creative bakers.

6. Jewelry Maker

Is your child always making and giving away friendship bracelets and other kinds of jewelry? Maybe he/she has a talent for jewelry making that has business potential.

7. Blogger

Does your child love to write? With the advent of Grammarly and other apps that check grammar and spelling, all your child needs to do is spill their heart on the screen and share their writing with the world.

8. Dance Teacher

Instagram and TikTok are full of dance videos of children who are better than most adults out there. If your child likes to dance, here is a great opportunity for him/her to start teaching dance to others.

9. Inventor

Is your child always tinkering with (and breaking) electronics in the house? They could do something like the inventor and YouTuber, Simone Giertz, who makes “useless” robots as she calls it.

Such cool business ideas for kids! See one that caught your attention?

Business Ideas for Kids Are Aplenty – Start Experimenting

The list of business ideas for kids above shows that the possibilities are endless when it comes to starting a new business. All you have to do is get your child started.

With some adult supervision, your child can start a successful business as well.

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