Business Ideas for Working With Your Family in a Small Business

Starting a Family-Run Business Can Make the Most of Together Time

Put Those Family Business Ideas Into Motion

With all the togetherness many people have had lately, ideas have come and gone for how to make a living even when you’re not able to leave home. Being partners and working together with people you know sometimes too well has its pros and cons. Having a shared goal can help more than hinder in most cases. A few family business ideas can spark interests that you didn’t realize any of you had.

What Are You Each Passionate About?

Talk to each other. If you didn’t need to make a living, what would you want to do with at least a third of your time? You probably have some idea of each other’s hopes and dreams, but not necessarily what each other would truly love to pursue as a career. Are there artists in the family? Some of you who can focus on the finances better than others? Who has people skills? (Really. You might not be supposed to say this in a job interview, but is anyone a “people person”?) This and a head for finances can open doors for possible angel investors or compromising on the price of a business space.

Online Businesses Are Succeeding Around the World

Online business ideas are not the only ones to consider, but they are some of the least cash-up-front types of businesses to consider for a startup. Online businesses can operate from anywhere in the world. Services and goods are bought and sold online with little to no costs upfront. Selling handmade items like glassblowing, needlework, and pottery are taking off on ecommerce sites like Etsy, Society6, Amazon, and selling directly from artists’ websites. You can pair your online business with a brick-and-mortar location if any of you like to connect in person with others on a regular basis.

Cook Your Way Around Town in a Food Truck

Families who cook together…You fill in the blank for your group. Food trucks are all the rage, and your family can put your own stamp on it depending on what type of deliciousness you fancy. Bobby Flay, food truck aficionado, said, “Don’t try to be the next Rachel Ray or Bobby Flay…We want someone who is going to make their own mark…”

You can make the rounds of businesses, hire your services out for parties for kids and grownups, offer your mouthwatering menu for weddings and graduations. Whatever you want to do, you’re the boss. Find out what licenses (business) and certifications (food handlers) are required in your area and start looking for a suitable truck for your endeavor.

Food trucks also offer a way to reach out to your community and help those who are not able to eat otherwise. Food trucks have also been a blessing to first responders and people who are victims of natural disasters. Your family can be part of something enormous that you might never have thought of until now.

Is Self-Employment Right for Your Family?

Contemplating small business ideas doesn’t mean you need to be self-employed. The type of business you decide on and other factors will need to be discussed. Every family member might not feel the same way. Do you have a small family in this enterprise? Do you plan to be a sole proprietorship or an LLC? A small business lawyer can help you decide the right way to go for your family and to make sure everyone goes in knowing what their tax situation is and how you all will be paid.

Family Is Everything to So Many People

Being your own boss (or bosses) is exciting to think about for so many reasons. The chance to work with your family in a way that could help bring you together and bond in a special way is something many people wish they could have with their families.

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