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5 Tips on Starting a Dog Walking Business

Richard Branson once said, “A big business starts small.”

This could not be more true for starting a dog walking business. We’re in the age where seemingly everyone owns a dog but still has their own lives to go about.

So why not make things a little easier for them?

A dog walking business is not only an excellent idea but a great way to make money in a short period. But where do you start?

Fortunately, here’s a succinct guide on how to start a dog walking business.

Do Your Research

Before even starting the business in the first place, it is important to know everything about it inside and out. This includes looking at how similar businesses operate, knowing different types of dogs, and learning how to manage dogs.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” was famously said by Benjamin Franklin, and that cannot be any more true—especially for a dog walking business.

Always stay willing to learn, no matter what. It allows for improvement as well as staying one step ahead at all times.

Research is crucial early on for the business to not only be legitimate but seem legitimate.

Stay Organized

Organization, organization, organization! There is nothing more important to any business, including a dog walking one!

Staying organized includes having proper financial and customer records in place. It also includes having records about the dogs themselves in place, such as emergency information, as well as keeping a proper dog walking schedule.

Staying organized, neat, and in order is a crucial skill to master, and it will come in handy for your dog walking business.


So you’ve done your research and are an organization wiz. What’s next? Get the word out there!

There are infinite ways to advertise a dog walking business. One way is to hang up posters to your heart’s content. Some places to put them up to include local dog parks, walking trails, popular local businesses, etc. Think big!

Another popular way to advertise is utilizing social media. Nearly all small businesses use social media as a strategy to advertise. This includes any popular social media platform as well as any local pages for the town or city you are based in. Your dog walking business should be one of them!

Make sure your ads, whether they are on social media or posters, are creatively designed and pop out.

When it comes to attracting and selling a name to customers, advertising is an important step in starting a dog walking business.

Set Rates and Prices

Now for the nitty-gritty: the money, of course!

Setting prices for your services must be based on the labor you put in. This can be set by time elapsed walking or even the distance walked if you want to get very technical. Be sure to check what pricing similar businesses have set for dog walking fees and go from there.

You can also offer other services alongside just walking the dogs, such as pet sitting.

Creating reasonable dog walking fees and rates allows you to be properly compensated for your work. And it also allows you to offer better prices than your competition.

Get the Right Gear

While some things will be provided to you, such as leashes for each dog, there are important things to keep in mind to invest in.

It all takes a little look down, literally. Your shoes!

A good pair of walking or running shoes is an important investment. Take a trip to your local mall or outlet stores and try on a few.

Do not limit yourself by brand either! Go the distance, pun not intended. It may cost a bit, but it is worth the money for the amount of use you will get out of them.

The right gear includes comfortable clothes, a pair of sunglasses for particularly sunny days, and a good pair of running shoes. Your feet will thank you!

There Are No Limits to Your Dog Walking Business!

Starting a dog walking business is more than meets the eye. Fortunately, it is not a daunting task once you get the right information, the right mindset, and the right items.

So, get out there and get your walk on! The dogs will love it!

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