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4 Best Business Ideas for Couples

Did you know that 1.25 million couples own a business together in the US?

If you and your sweetheart have the entrepreneurial spirit, why not become partners in the boardroom as well as the bedroom. Start a successful business together and play to each other’s strengths. The following business ideas for couples will inspire you to build a sustainable income together.

1. Couples Massage Practice

Are you both certified massage therapists?

If so, your path toward prosperity is carved out for you. Massage therapy is an 18 billion dollar industry. Therefore, even if you aren’t yet certified to perform massages, the training and certification might be a worthwhile investment for you and your honey.

Couple’s massages are growing in popularity in the US, and who better to offer this service than an actual couple? Most spas that offer couples massages don’t employ massage therapists who are also partners, so this could be a unique marketing angle for your business. Though it’s a bit gimmicky, the idea of spouses offering couples massages can be advertised in a romantic way to newlyweds and tourists.

Of course, both you and your partner can learn the business side of your practice while you get certified as massage therapists. If you take an informed, resourceful approach to learning about business, you can form your own small practice even if you have no previous experience running one.

2. Couples Counselors

Is your relationship a success?

You can help other couples attain those same relationship goals by teaming up as couples’ counselors. This business idea is most suitable for couples who already have social work or psychology degrees.

that said, even if you don’t have a traditional degree in psychology, you can offer coaching and counseling through a religious affiliation. For an original twist, offer couple’s counseling in a specific niche. For instance, make money as a time management or weight loss coach for couples.

3. Selling Homemade Products

Do you or your partner have a knack for making handmade items?

Handmade soaps, candles, and baked goods are a hit with people who shop online. In addition to setting up a local business, you can learn how to sell your products on an eCommerce platform like Etsy or Ebay.

This type of business is great for partners who have varying strengths. For instance, if you have a web marketing background and your spouse makes wonderful cupcakes, you can help them sell their product online. If your partner is a fantastic artist and you are a business-minded individual, you can manage their art sales.

4. A DJ Business

DJ’ing is viewed as a solo business endeavor, but why not switch it up and offer two DJ’s for the price of one?

Working as a DJ duo grants you several advantages as a couple:

  • Make an income while going out together
  • Help each other carry the crowd
  • Learn how to work the turn tables together to create an impressive set.

In fact, if you want to narrow your niche further, you can create a wedding DJ startup. Offer to play at weddings as a couple. A couples theme is an obvious favorite for weddings, and a DJ’ing couple is unique.

Get Started With These Business Ideas for Couples

Are you ready for your new business adventure?

Which of these business ideas for couples fuels your passion for making money with your honey? A couple that makes money together stays together. So what are you waiting for? Take your first step toward becoming business partners. Apply to our business startup school to assist you in establishing your small business.

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