3D Printing Business Ideas for You

When you’re considering starting a unique small business, opting for a 3D printing business can be a great starting point. With new technologies coming out every day, your 3D printing business can succeed no matter what industry you decide to step into.

When you’re looking for inspiration, have a look at some 3D printing business ideas for you to take guidance from. You can apply 3D Printing to various materials from ceramics to metals without any issue.

Starting a 3D Printing Business

Starting a business concerning 3D printers is simpler than you think. The main component you will need to get started is a 3D printer, which you can choose depending on your budget. After you have decided which industry to cater to, you can begin procuring the materials.

Since 3D printing utilizes additive manufacturing, you can create various layers to create the perfect product for your business. The worldwide market for 3D printing products and associated services has been valued at $12.6 billion in 2020, which has made it one of the fastest-growing industries today.


Everybody loves one-of-a-kind products, and customization is one of today’s most demanded services. When you’re looking to cater to all sections of society, entering the customization market is ideal.

When it comes to customization, your imagination is really your only limit. You can cater to the promotional products industry by creating customized brand products or specific groups looking for unique customizations. You could also do customizations on-demand, which would entail receiving the product from the customer and doing customization on it.

Creating Prototypes

Initially, 3D printing was mainly seen as helpful in the prototyping industry, and it is still widely used in that aspect today. When you don’t want to worry about your business being successful, entering this popular industry is a good decision.

Many designers would like to see a sample of their finished product before deciding to go ahead with mass production. Hailed as the most popular industry for 3D printing businesses, you can find many clients in no time. With low production costs, it can be a highly profitable venture for you.


3D printing can do exceptionally well in the décor industry, whether for house items or props for shoots. Additive manufacturing can be easily applied to create vases, carpets, and more. The key to performing well in the décor industry is to have unique ideas and designs that cater to your targeted audience.

You will need to set up an e-commerce website or display your products through an online or physical marketplace to get visibility. You can take custom orders from clients or mass produce, so scalability is better.

Great Examples to Take Inspiration From

Many large brands have recently taken to 3D printing to bring out innovative products. Adidas has been utilizing 3D printing to make shoes from plastic found in the ocean. It is an eco-friendly product that can cater to people for whom sustainability is essential.

Divergent 3D is another company looking to make waves in the car manufacturing industry. They have decentralized their car manufacturing that relies on high-end design software and industrial 3D printers to make faster, safer, and lighter cars.

Mighty Buildings is another 3D printing business with a unique product, which is 3D printed buildings. They make compact backyard studios placed in any home to function as offices or guesthouses.

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