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3 Online Business Ideas for New Entrepreneurs

Did you know that global e-commerce sales will exceed $4.8 billion by 2021? With technology only making leaps and bounds, it’s no wonder why consumers are flocking to the internet to get their goods.

After seeing the potential for online profits, you might be considering an online business. However, you aren’t sure where to start.

To help you out, here are 3 online business ideas for some inspiration!

1. Box Subscriptions

One of the best online business ideas for beginners is box subscriptions. This leaves the door open for your creativity, plus it allows you to do something you’re truly passionate about.

For example, if you love Japanese pop culture, you’re probably already always on the hunt for cool Japanese products. You can turn this into a source of income and put together boxes that other Japanese pop culture enthusiasts enjoy.

Or you can put your ear to the ground to see which niche products are missing for consumers. For instance, if expats are missing American candies, you can put together an affordable box subscription of these products to send overseas every month.

2. Coaching Lessons or Consulting

Another one of the best online business ideas for beginners is coaching lessons.

Chances are, you have knowledge and experience in a certain niche. Put those things to work by providing your insight to others who are struggling in that industry.

For example, let’s say you used to work as a salesperson in a corporate company. You can utilize those years of experience by coaching younger salespeople and teaching them specific strategies that worked for you.

This can be a great idea for online business entrepreneurs who need to take care of their families and can only work part-time. This allows you to earn some decent income while staying at home. Plus, it doesn’t take much money or time to set up, as all you’ll need is some marketing and a webcam.

3. Homemade Goods

This is yet another of the best ideas for online businesses if you’re busy taking care of kids at home. Perhaps soap or candle making is already one of your hobbies, so not only do you have the experience, but you also have the passion.

Share this passion by turning it into an online business. Non-perishable items (like soap and candles) are optimal since they don’t have a limited shelflife. Commissioned art is even better since you don’t need to start work until someone places an order.

A fantastic niche to get into is video game art and merchandise. Many fans will pay top dollar for handmade items like plushies and cosplay outfits.

Use These Online Business Ideas for Success

With these online business ideas, you have a great starting point for creating your own company. But that’s just the beginning; you need to understand all the intricate parts of running an online business to really excel in what you’re doing.

For that reason, you should consider taking some classes from School For Startups. We believe anyone can be an entrepreneur and will help you build a sustainable business!

Are you ready to get started on your own online business? Then sign up for our class now. We’re here to help you succeed!

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