10 Practical Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs Just Starting Out

Around 627,000 young entrepreneurs take the leap each year to open their own businesses. If you know someone who is looking to begin their next career path very soon, you likely want to give them a gift as a token of affection and good luck.

Most of our readers here on School For Startups are entrepreneurs so if it’s you that is crushing this entrepreneur thing be sure to forward this to that special someone as a hint ;).

Putting thought into a practical gift is the way to go, rather than purchasing something that’ll collect dust. From organizational tools to gadgets, there are many gift ideas for entrepreneurs that you can choose from.

We’ve gathered together our top 10 best gift ideas for entrepreneurs. Choose from one of our favorites to give a thoughtful gift that the recipient will use in their daily lives.

1. Business Planner

Every startup business needs clearly defined goals and plans. Having a business plan helps young entrepreneurs determine where their business is heading and the steps they need to take to get there. If they’re not able to have a vision for the future, they’ll be unable to grow.

A productivity or business plan will help them define their path. There are a variety of planners to choose from with different layouts. We found this one on Amazon is pretty awesome.

2. Charging Station

Many young entrepreneurs juggle a variety of devices during their day-to-day lives. This can include mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Get them a charging station so all of their devices can stay fully charged throughout their day.

This is critical especially for those that are doing a lot of their own sales. If they are on their phones all day, the battery life will fade pretty quickly and a portable backup battery can be a sale-saver.

3. Laptop Stand

Laptop stands are a great way to raise the screen of your computer to eye level. This helps reduce any eye fatigue they may experience during the day. It can also relieve upper back pain since it helps a person sit up straight.

You can find a variety of different types of laptop stands that fit various laptops and Macbooks. If you’re unsure, you can get a universal size that’ll fit their laptop. They’ll also be able to tilt and adjust the height of the laptop stand based on their preference.

4. Microphone

Maybe your recipient is starting their own podcast or conducting a lot of video or audio calls. Make them sound like a pro and highly professional with a studio-quality microphone. Many of the microphones these days are compatible with various recording applications on Mac and Windows OS.

Additionally, the microphones can come with filters that’ll reduce the amount of background noise and harsh sounds when they’re recording or speaking. Their audio quality will sound clean and smooth with a professional microphone.

5. Large Whiteboard

This may seem like a silly item, but it’s one of the best gifts for entrepreneurs. This is a great place for your recipient to brainstorm new ideas or write down their daily to-dos. While many people like everything to be digital, nothing beats having something written down in front of you to continually remind you to get it done.

If your giftee doesn’t have the wall space for a large whiteboard, no problem. There are mobile whiteboard options available that they can move around however they see fit.

6. Standing Desk

Standing desks are increasingly becoming more and more popular. They’re adjustable to any height depending upon who’s using the desk. Their purpose is to relieve the stress on the person’s spine as they spend long hours at their desk.

Some standing desks are manually adjustable, while others are motorized. They’re also intended to have a large amount of weight on them, so don’t worry about that when adjusting the height of the desk. A standing desk can help boost a person’s productivity while being better suited for their posture.

7. Meal Kit Subscription

In the early days of a business, your giftee might be spending every waking hour working on their company. The last thing you want is for them to live off of granola bars and coffee for a few months. A meal kit subscription is a wonderful way to ensure their meals are planned for them.

One of the things that’s great about meal kits is your recipient also won’t have to go shopping for their groceries. It’ll relieve their stress as they don’t have to worry about heading to the grocery store and finding a recipe they can cook in under 30 minutes.

8. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A robot vacuum cleaner is truly a great gift for anyone on your list, but it’s especially wonderful for young entrepreneurs. Some of them will mop in addition to sucking up dirt and grime.

For a busy business owner, having something take over an aspect of their house cleaning is a wonderful gift. They won’t have to worry about running a vacuum at the end of a busy day. This gadget will handle the task for them, whether they’re working or resting.

9. Automatic Espresso Machine

No one wants to wait in a long line at the coffee shop or drink a lackluster cup that their outdated coffee maker brewed. A good cup of joe will kickstart a business owner’s day.

With an automatic espresso machine, your giftee can brew a coffee, espresso, or even a latte at the touch of a button. No matter the time of day or how busy they are, they’ll be able to get an instant energy boost with their handy espresso machine.

10. Entrepreneur Courses

Courses on how to build a business and become a more successful entrepreneur are another great gift idea. Our courses are designed to walk young entrepreneurs through the startup process, giving them the tools they need to start bringing in revenue. If you want to give your giftee a leg up in the business world, explore gifting them the School for Startups Program.

Choose From One of Our Amazing Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Don’t settle on something that’ll sit unused in a drawer or on a shelf for months to come. Get the young entrepreneur in your life a professional gift that they’ll get a lot of use out of. Our gift ideas for entrepreneurs are sure to bring a smile to the face of your recipient as they embark on their next adventure.

For more tips and tricks on how to start a business of your own, check out one of our other articles.

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